1. Acoustics, IIT Kanpur
  2. Advanced Finite Elements Analysis, IIT Madras
  3. Advanced Gas Dynamics, IIT Madras
  4. Advanced Machining Processes, IIT Kanpur
  5. Advanced manufacturing process for micro system fabrication, IIT Kanpur
  6. Advanced manufacturing process for micro sytem, IIT Kanpur
  7. Advanced Manufacturing Processes, IIT Roorkee
  8. Advanced Operations Research, IIT Madras
  9. Advanced Strength of Materials, IIT Bombay
  10. An Introduction to Explosions and Explosion Safety, IIT Madras
  11. Applied Thermodynamics for Marine Systems, IIT Kharagpur
  12. Atomistic Computer Modeling of Materials, MIT
  13. AutoCAD
  14. Basic Thermodynamics, IIT Kharagpur
  15. Biomicroelectromechanical systems, IIT Kanpur
  16. Computational Fluid Dynamics, IIT Kharagpur
  17. Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, IIT Delhi
  18. Computer Aided Engineering Design, IIT Kanpur
  19. Conduction and Radiation, IIT Madras
  20. Control of Manufacturing Processes, MIT
  21. Convective Heat and Mass Transfer, IIT Bombay
  22. Convective Heat Transfer, IIT Madras
  23. Cryogenic Engineering, IIT Bombay
  24. Design and Optimization of Energy Systems, IIT Madras
  25. Design of Machine Elements I, IIT Kharagpur
  26. Dynamic Systems and Feedback, UC Berkeley
  27. Dynamics of Machines, IIT Kanpur
  28. Engineering Drawing, IIT Kanpur
  29. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, IIT Madras
  30. Engineering Mechanics, IIT Kanpur
  31. Engineering Mechanics ( IIT Guwahati), IIT Guwahati
  32. Experimental Stress Analysis, IIT Madras
  33. Finite Element Method, IIT Kanpur
  34. Fluid Mechanics I, UC Berkeley
  35. Fluid Mechanics II
  36. Fluid Mechanics III, IIT Kanpur
  37. Fluid Mechanics IV, IIT Kharagpur
  38. Fundamentals of Operations Research, IIT Madras
  39. Gas Dynamics and Propulsion, IIT Madras
  40. Heat and Mass Transfer, IIT Bombay
  41. Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee
  42. Introduction to Finite Element Method, IIT Madras
  43. Introduction to Fluid Machines and Compressible Flow, IIT Kanpur
  44. Introduction to Fluid Machines and Compressible Flow, IIT Kharagpur
  45. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering, IIT Kharagpur
  46. Kinematics of Machines, IIT Kanpur
  47. Machinery fault diagnosis and signal processing, IIT Kharagpur
  48. Manufacturing Processes I, IIT Roorkee
  49. Manufacturing Processes II, IIT Kharagpur
  50. Material Science, IIT Delhi
  51. Materials Science, IIT Delhi
  52. Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Science, IIT Kanpur
  53. Mechanical Measurements and Metrology, IIT Madras
  54. Mechanical Vibrations, IIT Guwahati
  55. Micro fluidics, IIT Kharagpur
  56. Microfluidics, IIT Madras
  57. Nonlinear Vibration, IIT Guwahati
  58. Principles of Mechanical Measurements, IIT Madras
  59. Processing of non metals, IIT Roorkee
  60. Project and Production Management, IIT Delhi
  61. Quantum Mechanics: Physical Problems in one-dimension
  62. Quantum Mechanics: Theory of physical problems
  63. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, IIT Kharagpur
  64. Refrigeration and Airconditioning, IIT Kharagpur
  65. Robotics, IIT Bombay
  66. Rocket Propulsion, IIT Madras
  67. Solar Energy Technology, IIT Kharagpur
  68. Spray Theory and Applications, IIT Madras
  69. Strength of Materials, IIT Roorkee
  70. Symmetry Structure and Tensor Properties of Material, MIT
  71. Technology of Surface Coating, IIT Kharagpur
  72. Techonology of Surface Coating, IIT Kharagpur
  73. Theory and Practice of Rotor Dynamics, IIT Guwahati
  74. Tribology, IIT Delhi
  75. Vibration control, IIT Roorkee
  76. Welding Engineering, IIT Roorkee


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