1. A Basic Course in Real Analysis, IIT Kharagpur
  2. ACT 460 / STA 2502 - Stochastic Methods for Actuarial Science, University of Toronto
  3. Advanced Complex Analysis - Part 2, IIT Madras
  4. Advanced Complex Analysis Part 1, IIT Madras
  5. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, IIT Kharagpur
  6. Advanced Matrix Theory, IISc Bangalore
  7. Advanced Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra for Engineers, IISc Bangalore
  8. Algebra, Khan Academy
  9. Algebra 2
  10. Algebra I
  11. Algebra I Worked Examples, Khan Academy
  12. Algebraic Topology, The University of New South Wales
  13. AMC Complex Numbers
  14. AMC Function
  15. AMC Polynomials and their Zeros
  16. AMC Sequences and Series
  17. An Introduction to Riemann Surfaces and Algebraic Curves: Complex 1-Tori and Elliptic Curves, IIT Madras
  18. Applied Multivariate Analysis, IIT Kanpur
  19. Arithmetic, Khan Academy
  20. California Standards Test: Algebra I, Khan Academy
  21. California Standards Test: Algebra II, Khan Academy
  22. California Standards Test: Geometry, Khan Academy
  23. College Algebra, University of Missouri Kansas City
  24. Combinatorics, IISc Bangalore
  25. Complex Analysis, IIT Guwahati
  26. Computational Science and Engineering I, MIT
  27. Computational Techniques, IIT Madras
  28. Convex Optimization, IIT Kanpur
  29. Differential Equations, MIT
  30. Differential equations I
  31. Differential Equations II, Khan Academy
  32. Differential equations III
  33. Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory, UC Berkeley
  34. Discrete Mathematics I, IIT Roorkee
  35. Discrete Structures, IIT Madras
  36. Dynamic Data Assimilation
  37. Elementary Numerical Analysis, IIT Bombay
  38. Engineering Mathematics, The University of New South Wales
  39. Formal Languages and Automata Theory, IIT Guwahati
  40. Foundations of Optimization, IIT Kanpur
  41. Functional Analysis, IIT Kharagpur
  42. Geometry, Khan Academy
  43. Graph Theory, IISc Bangalore
  44. Introduction to Geometry
  45. Introduction to Probability and Statistics,Fall 2011, UC Berkeley
  46. Linear Algebra, MIT
  47. Linear Algebra, The University of New South Wales
  48. Linear Algebra - Khan Academy, Khan Academy
  49. Linear Algebra I, IIT Madras
  50. Linear programming and Extensions, IIT Kanpur
  51. MA 103 - Topics in Contemporary Mathematics, North Carolina State University
  52. Math 20 - Arithmatic Review, Portland Community College
  53. Math 3C: Probability for Math Science, UCLA
  54. Math 60 - Introductory Algebra-1st Term, Portland Community College
  55. Math 65 - Introductory Algebra-2nd Term, Portland Community College
  56. Math 95 - Intermediate Algebra, Portland Community College
  57. Mathematical Logic, IIT Madras
  58. Mathematical Methods for Engineers II, MIT
  59. Mathematics for Finance and Actuarial Studies 2
  60. Mathematics I, IIT Kanpur
  61. Mathematics II, IIT Roorkee
  62. Mathematics III, IIT Roorkee
  63. Mathematics in India - From Vedic Period to Modern Times, IIT Bombay
  64. Measure and Integration, IIT Bombay
  65. Miscellaneous Mathematics
  66. MMF1928H / STA 2503F - Pricing Theory I / Applied Probability for Mathematical Finance, University of Toronto
  67. Mobius Function
  68. Numerical Analysis, UC Berkeley
  69. Numerical Methods and Computation, IIT Delhi
  70. Numerical methods of Ordinary and Partial, IIT Kharagpur
  71. Optimization, IIT Kharagpur
  72. Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications, IISc Bangalore
  73. Partial differential equations
  74. Pre Algebra
  75. Pre-algebra, Khan Academy
  76. Probability, Khan Academy
  77. Probability and Random Processes, IIT Kharagpur
  78. Probability and Statistics, IIT Kharagpur
  79. Probability Theory and Applications, IIT Kanpur
  80. Real Analysis
  81. Real Analysis I, IIT Madras
  82. Regression Analysis, IIT Kharagpur
  83. Singapore Math, Khan Academy
  84. Statistical Inference, IIT Kharagpur
  85. Statistics, Khan Academy
  86. Stochastic Processes, IIT Delhi
  87. Topology, IIT Madras
  88. Trigonometry, Khan Academy
  89. Trigonometry I
  90. University Algebra, The University of New South Wales