Action Research Arm Test - ARAT

Action Research Arm Test (ARAT) is a clinical scale used for assessment of activity of patients suffering from several neurological conditions, including stroke and multiple sclerosis.

More information about ARAT is available here (on

The test requires a kit, which can be bought for instance here.


Given that the test has several rules and criteria, it perfectly fitted for being implemented in a free software which can help in delivering the test (available here or, if you have an Android mobile phone, on Google Play here ).

Once you have the kit available, the software helps:

- performing the tasks in the correct order;

- measuring and logging the time taken for each item.

- restricting the choice for score based on the time limit.

Also, in the archive you can find:

- ARAT which starts the recommended version of the test, with some items skipped based on the score of the previous items;

-ARAT All tasks, which starts all the 19 items (it is common practice to do so for Multiple Sclerosis patients' assessment).

Enter the subject name, the program will show each item in the given order, press Enter to start time and Enter again to stop. Then select the score: item, time and score are logged in FILENAME.dat . Feel free to distribute!

If someone wants to collaborate on this, please contact me.