PhD thesis

This is my PhD thesis (available for download at the bottom of the page), presented in Genoa in April 2011.

The aim of my work was to develop and test a serie of robotic assisted exercise paradigms which facilitate motor skill learning (for healthy subjects) and neuromotor recovery (subjects with MS).

Works in here, carried under the EU FP7 project HUMOUR, refer to:

- definition of a software architecture (based on H3DAPI)

- experiments with robot assisted practice in a putting task (healthy individuals)

- a study on robot assisted - multiday - training of handwriting (healthy subjects)

- a specific exercise for Multiple Sclerosis patients.

Since the beginning of my PhD (2008) till its end (2011) I have been working in University of Genoa (Italy). Thanks to my supervisor, Prof. Vittorio Sanguineti, I have been participating to the HUMOUR project - HUman behavioral Modeling for enhancing learning by Optimizing hUman-Robot interaction.

I have been involved in developing the free software downloadable from the project website. This helps to implement haptic supported exercises.

Small demos of my work in HUMOUR: