Videos which deserve one thought

I would like to share here a collection of videos which I found of interest, for some reasons... I try to post them here with such reasons, so that they should be at hand for future reference. Maybe we've met and I've told you of some videos - hopefully you'll find it in this page!

For the time being, I will just share them here, without any particular order - when there is too many, I might try to sort them in categories.


This is a great video against App... no, preprogrammed obsolescence

Amazing mind reader unveils his gift

This is a belgian commercial about the danger of online privacy. I personally have never been too worried on this topic - but after having this video, I've started being a little!

Push button to add drama

This is also a commercial, from TNT - it is just spectacular, in my opinion.

Scottish elevator

This is valuable to explain what are the issues-challenges with speech recognition - in a funny way!

Virtual Virtual Skeeball

This is also about technology. Have you ever felt like our lives are too "social", too virtual, too online? Here is where we might end, according to Futurama.

And now, for the kids! Or better, about the kids.

The little team - Margatania FC

This is a short documentary about this football team of little kids who uses to lose all their games. I think it gives a lesson about ethics in sport.

The fate of originality

Finally, this French cartoon, winner of a contest for videos against psycho-drugs to infants.Prepare yourself with tissues!