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Branches of science

Branch of science – also called a "science", is a widely-recognized category of specialized scientific expertise, which typically embodies its own terminology and nomenclature. Each branch of science is usually represented by one or more scientific journals, where research is peer reviewed before being published.

Natural sciences

[edit] Physical Sciences

[edit] Physics

Physics –

[edit] Chemistry

Chemistry –

[edit] Astronomy

Astronomy –

[edit] Earth sciences

Earth science –

[edit] Environmental sciences
Main article: Environmental sciences

[edit] Life Sciences (Biology)

Biology –

[edit] Cognitive sciences

Cognitive Science –

[edit] Formal sciences

Formal science –

[edit] Computer sciences

Computer science –

See also Branches of Computer Science and ACM Computing Classification System

[edit] Mathematics

Mathematics –

See also Branches of Mathematics and AMS Mathematics Subject Classification

[edit] Statistics

Statistics –

[edit] Systems science

Systems science –

[edit] Social sciences

[edit] Anthropology

[edit] Economics

[edit] Linguistics

Linguistics –

[edit] Psychology

Psychology –

[edit] Applied psychology

Applied psychology –

[edit] Geography

Geography –

[edit] Philosophy

Not considered a science by some thinkers,[who?] instead considered a precursor of it. Several fields of philosophy are more directly relevant to the natural and social sciences than others. These include:

philosophy –

[edit] Political science

Political science –

[edit] Sociology

Sociology –

[edit] Applied sciences

Applied sciences –

[edit] Agronomy

Agronomy –

[edit] Architecture

Architecture –

[edit] Education

Education –

[edit] Engineering

Engineering –

[edit] Health sciences

Health science –

[edit] Management

Management –

[edit] Military sciences

Military science –

[edit] Spatial Science

Main article: Spatial science