Angel MedFlight Worldwide is a leader in the air ambulance industry providing patients unparalleled services from a team of professionals that care about you.  At Angel MedFlight (AMF), we focus on patient safety, security and comfort. We use state of the art medically configured jets to transport patients from one location to another. On each jet you will find similar medical equipment to that of an ICU in the hospital. Our critical care nurses and paramedics are not only trained and certified in healthcare, but are also flight certified.

Due to the space limitations inside an air ambulance, personnel is highly trained to work in a confined area with the vast amount of equipment. These interiors are made to both support and sustain life during any sort of flight pattern, however it can be a challenging experience due to the tight quarters and excessive noise.

All medical air ambulances are flown by pilots who have had their license for a very long time. Before being hired, their record for safety is carefully inspected. Only those with excellent records are hired. When it comes to both emergency and non-emergency medical flights, there are many different types of aircraft that are used.

Once you get in touch with one of our Flight Coordinators, they will try to obtain a pre-flight authorization from your insurance company. Our team works hard to get you the service and care you need to help with your long distance medical transport.

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