"Pugs and Kisses"



Adventurous experience of Ozzie & Chico plus  information on Pugs...





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      Pugs: Loyal Companions



      Why own a Pug? 

      Pugs are loyal, funny, and have human like personalities.  I am a pug parent.  I never thought in my lifetime I would own a pug.  At first, when I saw pictures of  pugs, my reaction was "these dogs are ugly, how can anybody like pugs."   During the summer of 2002, I experienced a horrible event in my life that took my laughter, faith, and loyality temporarily away from me.  But that was about to change...

       In 2003, my co-worker Susan, asked me if I was interested in purchasing a pug.  After looking at some photos of pugs, I could not imagine looking at an ugly creature, at least I thought.   One day she brought a baby pug (puppy) to work to show me, in hopes I would be interested to purchase him and take him home with me.  Puppy needed a home and a family to grow with.  The first time I set eyes on "puppy" I could not resist, I fell in love with him.  By the way, I forgot to mention that Pugs when they are puppies look much cuter than as adults.  As soon as I held "puppy" he yawned and layed on my shoulder, I felt happiness, my emotions took over.   When I purchased "puppy" I had to decided what name would be appropriate, a name that I could live with or that has meaning.   It took about a week for me to decide on a name.  I finally decided to name him Ozzie which means "Diminutive of Oswald: Divine power."  Divine power is what I needed in my life. 

      Ozzie brought me happiness in many ways, he comforts me when I really need it, he makes me laugh especially when he allows me to dress him up and he has human like personalities.  He behaves like a child,  he knows what "no" means and yet he tries to get a away with certain things.  He also knows what "snacks" means.  I noticed Ozzie needed a partner to play with so....then came puppy #2, Chico.    Continue