Timo's 5K

Circle of Prayer – the “Why” of Timo’s 5K 


This special Race celebrates life, love, faith, hope and an eternal gratefulness for each precious day of life. On a beautiful, warm Friday afternoon in October 2000, our son, Timo Husted Wright, had just returned home from cross-country practice at Fluvanna County’s Pleasant Grove. After a quick shower and change, he then left for his part-time job just a few miles away. He never arrived at that destination. Something, we’ll never know what, distracted Timo...causing him to veer slightly onto the Route 53 shoulder. He overcorrected, the car spun, rolled onto its side and then slammed into a tree. Timo died instantly of massive head trauma. When the Volunteer Fire & Rescue units from Lake Monticello and Palmyra came upon the scene and realized there was nothing more they could do— they DID do something. The group of men formed a circle around Timo’s body, held hands and raised up prayers—for Timo, his family and for the community! To this day, now 9-years later, that “Circle of Prayer” remains an unforgettably powerful image in our minds. A huge part of Timo’s legacy is that of bringing countless people of all ages to know God’s love, peace, power and grace — even through the most traumatic assault possible on the human soul—the death of a child. 

For his entire 17-years and 4-months on this earth, Timo exuberated a boundless joy, love of live and a delight in nature. His genuine friendliness, kindness, sharp wit and sense of humor, his brilliant and inquiring mind and the warm, mischievous smile that sparkled through his blue eyes blessed all who knew him. Just as he challenged himself to pursue excellence in all he attempted, Timo’s memory continues to encourage us to grow, learn, do our personal best, be a little kinder and gentler with each other—and to treasure each day. Thank you for wanting to be part of “Timo’s 5K”. 

Whether you run or walk, we pray you do so with joy—in body, mind, heart and spirit! God bless you. 
Angell Husted and Harold Wright
Timo’s Mom & Dad
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