Rubbish Online Dating

There are millions of women around the world that join dating websites or use dating apps, in the hope this popular method will be the way of meeting Mr Right.  It has worked for the minority of people, but for many it leads to disappointment and upset.

Rubbish Online Dating, tells the experiences of five ladies within the UK, who have experienced pretty much the unthinkable!  This includes men lying about who they are, their marital status, appearance and much more!

The intent of this book will show that many women are not alone and will lend an empathetic ear to many who have used online dating and how it is downright challenging and pitiful.  It will give an insight to many women of what to look out for if they venture to date online!

You may not want to hit the ‘reply’ button ever again!

Available on Amazon on Ebook and Paperback.