About Me - Reiki Healer, Tarot, Angel, Psy card reader and Author


I have always been intuitive and have had a number of paranormal experiences throughout my life.  Since 2006, and with encouragement from various psychic mediums, I have been conducting Tarot, Angel and Psy card readings. 

Since 2008, I have been trained on how to give Reiki Healing and have certificates for Level 1 and 2.  In 2020 I achieved my Reiki Master level and I am in the process of being a Reiki Teacher.  I can provide Healing along with card readings, or Healing on it's own.

I attended the beginners and intermediate Psychic Mediumship workshops, led by Tony Stockwell in 2008-2009.

Throughout my life, I have always been interested in stories in regards to mysteries of the Supernatural and Paranormal.  Since 2003, I have wanted to write a book, but due to various events in my life, this had to be put on hold.  I completed my first draft, of my first novel in late 2013.  Since then, I edited the book a few times and tried to get a Literary Agent.  It wasn't mean to be that I go through the mainstream way, so I self-published my first novel, which is a paranormal fantasy. The Out of Body Travellers:  Dreams and Shadows is now available on Amazon KDP or Paperback and on Lulu. 

In addition, I self-published another book about online dating and includes stories from women who have experienced the unthinkable!

I am currently studying a Diploma in Hypnotherapy, which will be completed by early 2022. 

In the summer of 2021, I will also be studying past life regression therapy and Gene Line therapy with Wendy and David Lowe (Hynos Healing - Nottingham).

I am also writing my third book, about dreams and their meanings.

I currently live in Derbyshire with my dog.


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