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Hartford Montessori Study

This study is following for 3 years children who were entered in a lottery to go to a Hartford public Montessori school when they were 2-3 years of age, comparing ones who got in with ones who did not on a range of outcome measures, so we can see if their development differs. This follows on a study we published in Science magazine (Lillard & Else-Quest 2006) that was done in Milwaukee public schools.

Children whose parents entered them in the current lottery for Hartford Public Montessori schools (Annie Fisher or CREC-Montessori Magnet)
but who did NOT get in are needed for an evaluation study to help determine how children who do not go to Montessori develop compared to those who do.
Plus your child will be able to bring home $150 of gift cards after just short and fun testing sessions at his/her current school!

  • Please send email to if you think your child qualifies, and we will tell you more about the study.