Beholden Beauty

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This Tutorial was Written by me on 4th September 2007, and I am dedicating this tutorial to Kristie, who is trully beautiful inside, Thankyou chick xxx
Supplies Needed :
Paint Shop Pro
Artwork ~ I used the Amazing Art of Jennifer Janesko,
Please visit CILM if you wish to Purchase a License
A Texture
Bow From Scrappy Expressions
Ribbons From Monti
I have Provided the texture, bow & ribbons HERE
Right Lets Get Started
1. Open up your tube of Choice and Supplies in psp.
2. Open a Transparent Canvas 550x550, and Flood Fill White.
3. Onto your PreSet Shape Tool, Foreground & Stroke Properties a Contrasting Colour from Your Tube (I used d298aa), Background & Fill Blank, Rectangle, Line Style Solid, Width 8, Holding down Your Ctrl Key (This will Ensure You get a Nice Square) Draw Out A Square Approx 180x180, if Happy with Your Square Convert to a Raster Layer.
4.With Your Magic Wand Click Inside the Square, Go To Selections, Modify, Expand by 4, Go to Your Texture (You May Wish to Colourize to Match Your Tube) Copy your Texture, Back onto your Canvas, Paste as a New Layer, Go to Selections, Invert and Hit Delete on Your Keyboard.
5. Keeping it Selected Copy and Paste your Tube of Choice so that the Part You Wish to Keep Fits Nicely into the Square, again Hit Delete, and then Deselect.
6. Add a Drop Shadow to the Frame with the settings of Vertical & Horizontal 1, Opacity 50, Blur 5, Colour i used the same as the frame but this is upto you, Repeat Again but Change the settings of Vertical & Horizontal to -1.
7. Hide Your White Background and Merge Visable, Place Your Square in the Top Right Hand Corner (See Example Tag for Placement), Duplicate This Square and Mirror, Duplicate the Top Right Hand Square Again and Position Underneath the Top Left Square, Duplicate the Square and Mirror, You Should Now Have the Four Squares as in the Example.
8. Merge Visable then Unhide Your White Background Layer, Duplicate the Frame Layer and on the Original, Go to Adjust Blur, Gaussian Blur, Radius 10.
9. Still On this Layer, Go to Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds, Use the Settings of Width 5, Opacity 44, Colour White, Horizontal & Left from Left/Top Both Ticked.
10. Onto Your Text Now, I Used a Font Called ALS Script Size 16, But This Will Vary Depending on What Font You Use, I Also Used the Same Colour That I Used for the Frame, Type Out Whatever Wording You Wish to go Around Your Frames, so that it Fits Along the Top of the Squares, Duplicate the Wording and Place Along the Bottom of the Squares, Again Duplicate and Rotate 90 so that it fits nicely down the Side and Again so it Fits Down the Other Side.
11. Add Your Tube Of Choice and Position to Your Liking, Add the Same Drop Shadow as Before.
12. Add the Ribbons, and Bow (See Example For Placement) you May Want to Colourize them to Fit in With Your Colour Scheme, and Add the Same Drop Shadow Again.
13. Add the Artist Copyright and Your Watermark, Also Add any Name You Wish on the Tag.
14. Crop Off Any Excess White and Resize to your Liking.
Save as GIF and Voila Your All Done, Hope You Enjoyed This Tutorial xxx