Summary of Chapters 1 & 2

     In these two chapters a lot of things take place. First, Ralph and Piggy call a meeting by blowing on the conch. The first boy to arrive is Johnny, the last group of people to show up are the choir boys, lead by Jack. Piggy suggests they have a leader, so all the boys vote. The choir votes for Jack and everyone else votes for Ralph. Ralph lets Jack lead the choir and they become the hunters. Simon, Jack and Ralph go up the mountain and find that it really is an island, that is mostly surrounded by a coral reef. Back at the meeting place the decide that they should build a fire on the mountain to signal a passing ship to save them. They built they fire, by using Piggy's glasses to heat the wood to light. The haphazardly stacked wood burns and sets fire to most of the island. Piggy points out that a lot of the 'littluns' are missing and the second chapters ends rather somberly.

Summary of Chapters 3 & 4

     In chapters three and four not a lot happens. Piggy is beaten up by Jack. Jack and his hunters finally killed a pig, but they weren't watching the fire and it went out. While it was out a ship went by and there was no signal for it. Ralph stood naked screaming at Jack for it. Jack tried to make it better by feeding the boys meat. While they were eating the meat, Simon gave his to Piggy because Jack refused to give him any. Jack got made and got more meat, forcing it upon little Simon. Jack was rather crazed with the kill. As the hunters carried and hunted the pig they chanted "Kill the pig, Slit her throat. Kill the pig, Beat her in" The chapters end rather uneventfully.

Summary of Chapters 5 & 6

     Ralph called a meeting, and Piggy and Jack got into another fight. There was more talk of a beast, a water monster they think. There was another plane crash over the island and a parachuter landed on the mountain. When Samneric woke up they saw him and thought he was the beast. Ralph and everyone but Piggy and the littluns went on a search for the beast to the only place the hunters have not been. While walking on the ledges Jack and Ralph put down their spears, so everyone thought it was safe. The boys all started playing in the water and on the ledges. Ralph want to go back to the mountain, but no one else does, they want to play. In these chapters, Ralph no long wants to be the chief but Simon and Piggy convince him he should for the greater good of the island. That sums up chapters five and six.

Summary of Chapters 7 & 8

     In these two chapters Jack starts his own group of boys, and kills a pig, then Simon talks to the Lord of the Flies. Jack got into another fight with Piggy, but this time Ralph stepped in. Jack wanted to 'impeach' Ralph but no one else did. Because of this Jack started his 'tribe', all of his boys went and killed a mother pig, who was nursing her piglets. They leave the head for the beast and offer the meat to Ralph's tribe... if they join him. Simon was sitting in the forest watching the pig slaughtering, he spoke to the Lord of the Flies. Simon's passing out ended chapter eight.

Summary of Chapters 9 & 10

     Nothing much happens at the beginning of chapter nine, but about halfway through a lot of stuff happened. Ralph and Piggy went to find everyone else at Jack's 'fort' and eat some meat. Just before the rain starts Jack people start doing their pig slaughter dance and when Simon comes to tell them the beast on the mountain is a dead man, Jack and his tribe kill him. Sam, Eric, Piggy and Ralph are all very traumatized by this and go back to the old fort with only the four of them and some of the littluns. Jack and two of his hunters go and attack Ralph's group while they are sleeping. Piggy has an asthma attack and the other three boys of Ralph's tribe, and the three of Jack's tribe were all pretty beat up. Jack stole Piggy's glasses and broke them, so now Piggy can't see and they have no way to restart the fire every morning.

Summary of Chapters 11 & 12

     During these two chapters a lot of stuff happens. Towards the beginning of chapter eleven Piggy, Samneric, and Ralph go to get Piggy's glasses back. Roger standing on top of a ledge, pushes a rock down, and kills Piggy. Then, Sam and Eric are captured and are forced to join Jack's tribe, now Ralph is all alone. Jack and his tribe all start looking for Ralph to kill him. Ralph spends a lot of time trying to hide, he is found by Roger and runs. He runs a long the beach and everywhere on the island. Jack's tribe had started a fire on the island to smoke Ralph out, and the smoke attracted the attention of a passing ship. When Ralph ran to the beach he ran into a navy man. The navyman asks if anyone had died and Ralph says two people. This really shocked the navy man. All the boys start crying and the navy man gives them their time to cry, then all the boys are rescued. The book has a very shocking ending, because throughout the entire book it seems like they'll never be saved, and then they are.