Links concerning survival skills:

The homepage for Wilderness Survival Skills. "The Wilderness Survival Skills website is dedicated to providing useful information for safe wilderness traveling."


A quiz from Field and Stream concerning survival skills. On this page you can see how well you would survive alone in the forrest, or in the case of this book, an island. "Think you know how to survive a cold night in the wilderness? Take this quiz and find out"


Links concerning social psychology:

 This page is an online textbook entitled Social Phychology Basics written by George Boeree.


This page is a great site to find out what social pschology really is.

Other helpful links:

This site is a fabulous place to look for all kinds of information about the book! There are links to a summary of the novel, by chapter, profiles for each of the characters, metaphor and theme analysis, ten best quotes, and a boigraphy of the author.


On this site there is a wonderful sketch map of what the island would have looked like. It is only somewhat detailed, but has what is needed.


This site has tons of great fiction books. It is the site I got the book cover image from.

•Page for Lord of the Flies:

•Page for William Golding: