Alternate Ending Alternate Ending by Brittany Conley
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Strange Twists


            Samneric sat tied up in the back of the cave, wondering what was going to happen to them.

            “What do you think they’ll do to us?” whispered Sam.

            “If we don’t join their tribe? They might kill us.”

            “Why would they do that? We haven’t done anything!”

            “Calm down. I only said they might kill us.”

            “Well what else would they do?”

            “I don’t know Sam. Ask one of them if you want to know so badly.”

            The boys fell silent as Roger came in to make sure that they were still there.

            Meanwhile Ralph was running back along the beach to the shelters scared for his life. He knows that the other tribe are now savages, not boys. Poor Samneric he thought. I have to figure out some way to rescue them. And poor Piggy he didn’t deserve to die like that. I bet Jacks happy now. With Piggy gone and the conch destroyed and me on the run he has nothing to worry about. He’ll be able to control everyone else. I just hope Samneric don’t join him too. If they do Jack will have everyone and there will be no chance for me. Jack will kill me. He’s already shown that he doesn’t care who lives and who dies. I don’t think that they will search for me now. It’s getting dark and they won’t want to leave their camp until morning. So I have until then to come up with a plan to survive.

            Jack knew that he should just let Ralph go. There would be no point in capturing him and he isn’t a threat. Jack calls a meeting to tell the tribe what is going to happen.

            “I’ve made my decision about Ralph. We’re not going after him. He’s already scared of us. You all saw how he left. We don’t have anything here that he wants except the specs and maybe Samneric. But I don’t think he cares about them because he didn’t try to help them leave. He only cares about himself. That’s why he’s not chief anymore.”

“But Jack”, said Roger, “We can’t just not go after him.”

“Well I’m chief and that’s my decision. Anybody got a problem with it?”

“No”, they chorused.  lp them leave. im because he didnt specs and maybe Samneric. n.

Mean while Ralph had make it back to the shelters without further injury. He found some ripe fruit to eat and sat down on one of the shelters to rest. Ralph realized how lucky he was just then. He hadn’t been captured and he wasn’t dead, so overall he was doing pretty good. But he still needed a plan if he was to survive now that he had nobody. He looked around and noticed that the fire had gone out. There was no chance of starting it again without the specs. So he wouldn’t have any comfort tonight. And there was always the chance that Jack and his tribe hadn’t stayed at their camp like he thought and were actually hunting him. If so he was in serious trouble. Since he could do nothing else now he decided that he should get some sleep.

Back at Jacks camp, they were having a feast. They had killed a pig earlier in the day and were now cooking it. But Jack wasn’t joining in the feast. He went up to the cave to make sure that Samneric were still there. He was sure that they would be but he needed to make sure that the guards were doing their job and not sleeping.

“Jack can we go down to the feast. We’re hungry”

“No. Meat will be brought for you. Just do your jobs.”

Samneric looked up in hope. Maybe they would be included in the people who got meat. Or maybe not.

Jack went back down to the fire and told them that some meat was to be taken to the cave for the guards.

“And what about Samneric, Do they get any?”

“Maybe if there’s any left, but for the moment no.”  

Roger and two other boys took some meat to the cave for the boys and came back to the fire. The guards, seeing that Samneric didn’t get any, decided to eat there meat right in front of them. But they didn’t know that Samneric had been working at the vines that they were tied with and they were finally loose enough for them to slip out. While the boys gloated, Samneric knew that it was time to get out of here. Since the guards were too busy eating, they slipped out of the last of the vines. Seeing that Samneric were loose the boys tried to get their spears but Samneric had two of them and there was only one spear left. Eric went for the two boys without spears while Sam went for the only boy with a spear. Sam had no idea how to use the spear and the other boy had more experience with it than him. He soon had Sam walking backward towards the edge of the cliff. Meanwhile Eric had backed the two boys into the cave and he knew that this was his chance to escape. So he dropped the spear and started running for the forest. He turned around to see where Sam was and when he did he was just in time to see Sam go off the side of the cliff. Eric turns around and runs off in to the forest knowing that was the last time he will ever see his brother again.

Jack who heard the commotion going on at the cave got there in time to see one of the twins go off the side of the cliff and the other one run into the forest. He motions for the three boys to follow him and he walks back down to the fire. He calls another meeting.

“We’re going hunting tomorrow boys. One of the twins is dead. He fell of the cliff. The other one escaped in to the forest. I want to find him and bring him back and if we find Ralph too that’s all the better. But the twin is first.”

The boys all cheer.

“Now its time to sleep. We’re starting early tomorrow.”

Eric runs for his life through the forest. He doesn’t know it the will chase him or not but he keeps on running anyway.

Ralph hears someone or something crashing through the forest. He gets up quickly and runs to stand behind the nearest tree. Suddenly the figure emerges from the forest. In the moonlight Ralph can see that it is one of the twins. He’s not sure whether he can trust him or not but he decides to take a chance.

“Sam or is it Eric”

“It’s Eric. Sam’s dead.”

“What happened?”

“After you left they tied us up with some vines and put us in the back of the cave. We knew that we needed to escape so we worked on getting the vines loose. We succeeded but we had to fight some boys. I managed to get away but Sam got pushed off the side of the cliff. I ran off through the forest and I found myself here.”

“This isn’t good. Now I’m sure that they will hunt for us tomorrow. We need a plan.”