SynBio3D: Establishing the Engineering Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Synthetic Biology (2018-2020)

This is my EPSRC First Grant award (EP/R019002/1). We use the spatial-based fluctuations in gene regulation to design novel genetic circuits.

BioRoboost: Fostering Synthetic Biology standardisation through international collaboration (2018-2021)

Horizon2020 EU project (820699) focused on standards in Synthetic Biology. I aim at deveoping the SBOL standard within this network of key synbio players.


  • ElectroPathways: Design of synthetic genetic circuits to enhance electron transfer in bacteria for renewable energy production. EPSRC DTP (2018-2022)
  • Fostering synthetic biology automation through standards. EPSRC CASE, in collaboration with Doulix (2019-2023)