"God Make Us A Family, We Need One Another, We Love one another, We Forgive One Another, We work and play together, We worship together....  Help us to be a family together."

 Our Mission at Angel Garden Preschool

         Our mission at Angel Garden Preschool is to provide children with an environment and curriculum that encourages creative exploration and playful interaction with peers and teachers. The classroom is designed to meet the unique developmental needs of each child. We embrace Christ's invitation to "let the children come to me" by respecting the religious beliefs and customs of children and their families. 
            The environment and curriculum are planned in accordance with Connecticut's  Early Learning Developmental Standards. Areas of concentration include: Social & Emotional Development, Physical Health & Development, Language & Literacy, Creative Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Religion. All these areas are presented in a developmental progression and vary depending on which program your child attends. 

              Preschool Curriculum
  •          Hands-on learning in Math and Science Religion
  •          The Catechesis of The Good Shepherd
  •          Language Arts
  •          Multisensory learning activities
  •          Structured,Center-based play
  •          Weekly Library, Music and Spanish lessons
  •          Handwriting without tears Program