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Mal Gormley received hiBFA from the University of Hartford Art School in 1972, where he majored in Painting with a minor in Creative Writing. Previously he studied Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Color Theory at the University of Bridgeport, 1970-71 and at Dean College 1968-1970. 

Mal began his professional career as commercial illustrator. His passion for aviation provided his first subjects--he created original paintings and drawings for clients across the United States, as well as a series of offset prints of Classic American Aircraft.

He became a commercial pilot in 1981 and sold art sporadically in this period. In 1988 an opportunity to write about aviation arose and he joined the staff of Business & Commercial Aviation magazine, at the time a McGraw-Hill trade publication (now owned by Penton Media). Mal moved to Maine in 1994, continuing to freelance for several McGraw-Hill print and online publications, In 1997 he published his first book, Aviation Computing Systems.

Writing and family responsibilities left Mal little time for making artwork until 2003, when he decided to start making art again. Living in Maine presented new media, techniques and themes, which he continues to explore with joyful aplomb. In 2005 Mal began to exhibit and sell his work locally at a variety of galleries and events and continues to do so.

In addition to his artwork, and under the umbrella name Angel Farm Creative Services, Mal provides website management services for the Skidomha Public Library and continues to contribute to AviationWeek publications regularly He also provides publicity services for individuals and non-profit organizations.

When not making art, writing, or managing websites, Mal drives a school bus part-time, which takes him by some of Maine's most spectacular coastal scenery.

Artist's Statement

My paintings are my preposterous attempts to define the transcendent connections of Earth, Sea and Sky. My assemblages are inventories of materials subjected to time and tide—and the viewer's imagination. 

17 Westview Road, Damariscotta, Maine 04543   207.563.1119

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