Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes is an augmented reality iphone app which helps a person take a snapshot and change the person's eye color. The user can use the app in both snapshot mode where the 3D eyes are overlaid on a snapshot as well as a live video mode where the eyes are overlaid on a live video feed. The app was written using face detection software and uses OpenGL and 3D graphics.

In the live video mode the app does not do any motion detection or continuous processing of the live video feed. As of release 1.0.1 the video feed is processed only once and if a face is detected then 3D eyes are overlaid. We hope to be able to do that in a future release. 

IMPORTANT: Version 1.0.0 TAP on any one eye after you press the resize button.

Or go to to see the YouTube Demo Video


1. How is the app used?
a. First read usage instructions - Press i->Help
b. On the 1st screen focus on a person's face and press the camera button. HOLD and WAIT.
c. Eyes objects are rendered. They have to be moved, rotated or scaled (resized).

2. How is an eye object moved?
Press the "Move" Button. Then put 1 finger on the eye object to be moved and move it.

3. How is an eye object rotated?
Press the "Rotate" Button. Then put 1 finger on the eye object to be rotated and rotate it.

4. How is an eye object resized?
Press the resize button. A slider appears. Move the slider. In Version 1.0.0, the eye object has to be tapped and then move the slider.

5. Is face detection software disabled by default?
No. Face detection software is never disabled. However a variable "max attempts" is used to set the maximum number of attempts to detect a face and features after which eyes are rendered on the screen. One can use this to play pranks :-)/
From Version 1.0.1, "max attempts" will be set to infinity.

6. What is the "max attempts variable"?
Face detection software is not accurate, specially profile face detection. Sometimes face is not detected at all. "max attempts" variable tells the program to render 3D objects on the screen after as many attempts to detect face and eyes have failed.

7. How can the user set the "max attempts variable"
Press i->Advanced->Max Attempts

Have Some Fun! See yourself with changing eye colors.

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Version 1.0.0 released August 15 2010

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