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Italian Glass Furniture

italian glass furniture
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italian glass furniture - Italian Glass
Italian Glass Stretch Rosary Bracelet with Crucifix & Miraculous Medal Black 6mm
Italian Glass Stretch Rosary Bracelet with Crucifix & Miraculous Medal Black 6mm
Italian Glass Stretch Rosary Bracelet with Crucifix & Miraculous Medal Black 6mm This is a new black Italian glass stretch rosary bracelet with Crucifix and miraculous medal The image of Mary standing upon half a globe and crushing the head of a snake is said to show that Satan and his followers are powerless before her On the reverse side of the pendant the letter "M" represents Mary and the cross that rises above and is intertwined represents Jesus Christ or the belief that the sins of mankind have been alleviated with his death The twelve stars above represent the twelve apostles and the two hearts below are said to be representational of Jesus and Mary's love for humankind Perfect for wearing and praying the rosary Makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one Each bead measures approximately 6 mm (1/4")

88% (9)
Calligaris Airport Extending Dinning Table
Calligaris Airport Extending Dinning Table
Airport extending dinning table is elegant & oozes sophiscation Table with chromed or satin finished steel legs and a frosted black glass top. Calligaris created and licensed an extending device for this table so that in 2 single moves, the leaves align to the top and the legs extend following the table's length. This table extends to 3 different lengths, from 1300mm to 1950mm to 2600mm
Mosaic Glass Tabletop
Mosaic Glass Tabletop
Attributed to Giovanni Rossignani Italy (Rome) mid 19th century Many of the 2000+ pieces of glass in this mosaic were originally Hellenistic or Roman, melted and reforged into this table top.

italian glass furniture
italian glass furniture
Mosaic Italian-like Tile - PUMPKIN 24 Tile Bag
Our Italian-like tiles are cast from colored vitreous glass in the centuries-old tradition of master Italian-like glassmakers. Vitreous glass tiles will last nearly forever - their rich colors never fading. They are waterproof and useable indoors or outdoors. The glass is fired in high-temperature kilns using the finest of raw materials resulting in mosaic tiles that are semi-transparent and light reflective. This gives our tile a special luminous quality with rich color-depth and consistency. Designed for safe and easy cutting, nipping, and shaping, our tiles can be applied to any reasonably smooth surface. These tiles are shiny smooth on the front side and textured on the back for better adhesive grip. The edges are miter-beveled for making clean right angle corners. Our Italian-like glass tiles are available in 3/4" and 3/8" (mini) sizes. Plainly put, there is no finer quality mosaic glass tile to be found anywhere in the world.