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Cheap Room Furniture

cheap room furniture
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My room
My room
This is what my room looks like, in case you were wondering :) I recently redecorated and repainted, and I'm so happy with the outcome! Everything was really cheap and I did a lot of DIY. The headboard was reupholstered from an old headboard found at Goodwill. The artwork I got in Paris while visiting (cheapy print posters for 1 euro each!) and I framed them with cheap frames. My comforter is a few years old and doesn't exactly match the new decor, but I love it anyway! The velvet curtains are also old, I also found them at Goodwill and my mom hemmed them shorter (they were to the floor) and made tie-backs out of ribbon. The desk, which you can barely make out in this photo, was one I found on Craigslist and spray painted black. The light on my nightstand is from Ikea, which I fell in love with instantly when I saw it in the store. It's just the coolest thing ever!
60s DIY lamp made from bamboo lanterns
60s DIY lamp made from bamboo lanterns
The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, Greystone Press, 1970. I actually really like this idea, a lot. "Paper lampshades come in a multitude of shapes and sizes - here we have a cylinder, an oblate spheroid, and globes in three sizes. This cheap but glamorous installation was made by sewing the shades together with wire wrapped around wood frames. Illumination is provided by a Christmas tree light string carrying small frosted bulbs of low wattage."

cheap room furniture