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cheap kids furniture stores
    kids furniture
  • Kids furniture is specially designed for kids. It is usually designed with eye-catching colors and styles that are suitable for children. Some kids furniture is designed with space-saving functions like storage drawers and desks built into the beds.
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Opp-shop doll house- after!
Opp-shop doll house- after!
I bought an old yellow and brown doll house for $25 at the opp shop, thinking it would make a cheap house for me to 'renovate' for the kids christmas present. It was from about 1975 (I had someone comment on my old blog that she had one the same back then). It wasn't so cheap in the end, after buying a sander to sand it back, then buying paintbrushes and the wrong paint, then going back to the store months later to buy the correct paint (enamel gloss). In the end I should probably have just bought a new house but I do think this one looks pretty good now! I painted it in an off white gloss, with a deep navy roof and shutters. I couldn't resist opening the pack of furniture that will go with it for christmas, just to test how it would all look. Can you tell I never had a doll house when I was little?!?!
Kid's Table Thrift Shop Find
Kid's Table Thrift Shop Find
Quick stop at Goodwill yesterday netted me this really sturdy well-made (and cute!) little kids table. $4! Yes it's drawn on with crayon and pencil and lord knows what else, but as soon as I saw it I figured on a repaint. BUT! I am gonna try a good ol' fashioned scrubbing first (Mr Clean Magic Eraser? Do yer stuff!) and see if I can clean it up ... It's 30" long by 21" wide and 21" tall - such a nice size! This is gonna be a fun little "sit on the floor" art table. Well, for me, of course! Duh! :D

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