Student Comments


"Angela, you bring such passion and interest and enthusiasm to the class [that] it is inspiring and contagious! Thank you! I wish this class was ongoing. I would love to attend this class 52 weeks a year."  ~ Jennifer Woods, Belleville, WI  

 "Angela's materials and dedication to covering the contents of the course were superb.  She sometimes left me breathless.  Her critique of work was thoughtful and very helpful."  ~Edward Moersfelder

"...this was a fresh and energetic class, and I know my poetry will be the better for it." ~Eve Robillard, Madison, WI 

"I can only describe this as 'controlled spontaneity' of class conversations in which there was a rich cross-pollination.  I came away inspired to go back and look at my poems with a new attitude, and to create my coming poems with new skills."  ~Daniel Kunene, Madision, WI

Angela's teaching is "clear and exact and inspiring!"  ~Joan Neibauer, Madison,WI 

 "I really enjoyed... critiquing and being critiqued.  The exercises pushed me to try new things."~Stephen Petro, Madison, WI

Angela, I enjoyed the workshop…. You obviously put a lot of work into it and I think everyone got plenty out of it. I love the Stephen Dobyns poem and the exercises were interesting.  Thanks."  ~John Lehman

"The handouts are full of information that I am able to take with me and refer back to." ~Trisha Day, Oregon WI

"The handouts were excellent.  I especially liked the model poems."

“Group and individual critiques were awesome."

"Well-planned by Angela... A really creative atmosphere!" ~ Kathleen Phillips, Waukesha, WI

"I thought Angie's handouts were excellent.  The class was very well structured.  I liked the way she kept things moving, kept us on track.  I especially appreciated how she shared her formal knowledge with us.  I could see she's been a serious student of poetry, and she passed a lot of her knowledge and perceptions on to us." ~Eve Robillard, Madison, WI

"I appreciated the positive feedback, particularly for inexperienced poets. I also found Angela's interest and enthusiasm for the subject to be contagious." ~ Beth Schneir, Madison, WI


"To call Angela a teacher is not quite right.  She did not teach us.  She drew out of each of us the possibilities we had, which might have been dormant or simply unrecognized.  Also, in class discussions and mutual critiques, she made us open each others eyes to possible new ways of relating to the poems we had presented." ~Daniel Kunene, Madison, WI