ANGELA RYDELL teaches creative writing for the UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies, including Write by the Lake, Weekend with Your Novel, Rhinelander's School of the Arts, and the annual Writers' Institute conference.  She's also taught creative writing in programs throughout Madison, including the Lorine Niedecker Wisconsin Poetry Festival & Edgewood College, and worked as a poet-in-residence in elementary schools. Angela has been the lead judge for the  Wisconsin People and Ideas contest, a guest editor for The Midwest Prairie Review, and is currently a participating judge for the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2015. Her poetry can be read in issues of Prairie Schooner, Alaska Quarterly, Beloit Poetry JournalCrab Orchard Review , The Sun Magazine,  Poets & Writers, Wisconsin People & Ideas and other journals. Her fiction has won the Portland Review Flash Friday contest, received honorable mention in New Millennium Writings Awards and was a finalist for the American Short(er) Fiction Prize, Passages North's Neutrino Short-Short Prize and the Grey Sparrow Journal Flash Fiction contest. You can read her fiction in Indiana Review, Short Fast & Deadly, Daily Science Fiction, Whiskey Island Magazine, Inkwell, and the Fast Forward Press collection The Incredible Shrinking Story, among other journals and anthologies. She holds an M.F.A. in poetry from Warren Wilson College and lives in Madison, WI  with her husband, science-fiction writer Brendan Day.

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"Writing has laws of perspective, of light and shade just as painting does, or music. If you are born knowing them, fine. If not, learn them. Then rearrange the rules to suit yourself." ~Truman Capote

"I know I was writing stories when I was five. I don't know what I did before that. Just loafed I suppose." ~P.G. Wodehouse

Publication news

I'm finishing up my WIP, True North, and looking forward to querying agents soon (she said without irony?). Here's some of what I published last, before getting embroiled in deep revision:

  • "It Was Her Job to Close the Eyes of the Dead" was selected as a finalist for Passage North's 2014 Neutrino Short-Short Prize.
  • "The Book of Adolescence" is in the spring 2014 issue of Literal Latte.  
  • "Life Expectancies" was "longlisted" for the 2013 Wigleaf Top 50. 
  • I write online classes, and my newest, "Poetry Writing: A Guide to Poetic Forms," was published through UW-Madison's Division of Continuing Studies this past January. Others include "Fiction in a Flash," "Outline Your Novel Now" and "Taking the Poetic Leap." Up next: an advanced class for fiction writers, "Compelling Fiction II." And I'm working with DCS to develop a class or two with discussion forums too. Stay tuned! And feel free to email me if you have questions (ajrydell@wisc.edu).

Some of my fiction and flash fiction pubs

"Sink or Swim" The Portland Review (winner of the review's Flash Fiction Friday contest)

"Brushing Death's Hair" Indiana Review

"Her Favorite Color is Light" NANO Fiction 

"Life Expectancies" Gulf Stream

"Cuttings" Flashquake 

"How to Kill a Witch" Northville Review

"The Babysitter Throws the Baby Out with the Bathwater" Newport Review

"The Weight of an Elephant's Ghost" Whiskey Island Magazine

"The Search for Her Father's Finger" Emerson Review

"The Lawns of the Moon" 
"The Soul Mistakes the Robot for a Human" "Riding in the Rain Taxi"
"The Insomniac's Walpurgisnacht" Pear Noir!

"The Girl in the Wooden Dress" Daily Science Fiction

 recommended read, Where the Words Wendt

"Shoebox like a Coffin" Staccato Fiction

"Last Time" decomP 

"Conviction" Fast Forward Presents: The Incredible Shrinking Story, A Collection of Flash Fiction, Vol. 4 

"Instant Gratification" Inkwell 

"The Cream Inside the Oreo"  Storyglossia

"The Daughter and the Giant Jumping Foot" Foundling Review

"The Art of Adultery" dogzplot

"What I'm Wearing Underneath My Skin" (scroll down) Short, Fast & Deadly

"Inside it was beginning to snow" elimae

"One Surrealist Painting Can Change a Lightbulb" elimae

"On the Threshold" Danse Macabre

"So I Dropped a Trojan Snagged from Health Class" The Citron Review

recommended read, Dark Sky Magazine (for some reason this story's categorized as non-fiction--but it's fiction! really, it is!)

"The Dead Won't Tell" Six Sentences

Links to some of my poetry on the web

  • Celebrate April poetry month through UW-Madison Continuing  Studies: Read Angela's poetry here

"Developing Nightmares"   The Lindenwood Review  

"The Stepmother and the Mosquito Bird" The Cleveland Review

    nominated for a Pushcart Prize

"The International Forgiveness Institute" The Sun 

"The Wind's Confession to the Laundry" The Summerset Review

      kudos for the review, and the poem, in The Review Review

"The Magician's Hat of HolesThe Cortland Review

"Light ArrowThe Cortland Review

"I'm Alone and You're a Bottle" Barrow Street


"Midlife Crisis" Barrow Street

"Eve's Reasons" The Ante Review

"Two Million Flowers Mean One Pound of Honey" Crab Orchard Review

"Origins" Bluestem

Other recent print journals in which you can find Angela's poetry include The Briar Cliff Review, Santa Clara Review and Roanoke Review