Brian & Angela

To be wed August 31, 2008


The Venue: The River Mill

Bridal Party

The rings

Dresses and Accesories

Hair and Makeup Ideas

Sweets and cakes! YUM!

Engagement Photos

DIY Invites and Paper things


Little Details

Wedding Inspiration

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Tasting and Final Decisions




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About us

I'm so excited finally the day that every little girl dreams about is fastly approaching. Brian and I met in the most unconventional way but it turned out fantastic. I have a myspace account to keep up on my friends from high school and from college in Alabama. That seems like the only way to keep up with everyone now of days. Well one day Brian decided to message me. Well neither one of us was looking for love but it slowly bloomed. We talked online for about 3 weeks decided to exchange phone numbers and talked for another two weeks on that. And than after much anticipation we finally had our first date at the olive garden, I was late as usual. I knew that if he was willing around to wait on me he was worth it.We talked every day after our first date and have been inseperable ever since.  He proposed to me 6 ½ months after our first date, we knew it was forever. We will be married after two years of being together. Even though we are having a long engagement of a year and half I know it will be worth it! I can't wait to marry the man of my dreams.