School Rules


We believe that pupils and their families should show mutual respect for each other and for their teacher and school helpers.  Bad behaviour, rudeness and swearing will not be tolerated.

Dancing is fun and to be enjoyed by all so we ask that each and every pupil and family member abides by this simple philosophy at all times.

Punctuality and Attendance

So as not to effect the enjoyment and learning of other pupils we ask that you ensure that you arrive in plenty of time for your class. Pupils need to arrive in time to get dressed into the correct uniform and to be prepared to enter a class situation.

Good attendance helps maintain a constant standard of dance work and does reflect in examination marks. 

If you are to miss 2 or more lessons please inform Angela.

Class Fees & Late Payment

The dates for when the term fees run from can be found on our notice board.

Fees are always paid in advance for each term (usually 10 weeks). These will be issued 3 weeks before the start of a new term and must be paid by the first day of the new term. 

At the start of the September term, fees will be issued on the first date back and must be paid by the second week.

Cheques are accepted although they are subject to an additional 50p to cover bank charges.

If fees are returned late they will be subject to a £5.00 additional charge.  As our school is run in a fair and equal manner and parents are given plenty of notice of the term dates no excuses will be accepted.

If a child decides to no longer continue their dance tuition, term fees will not be refunded.

New pupils will be given a settling in period.  They will pay weekly until the start of a new term.  Any missed classes must be paid for the following week.


The uniform is an essential part of a dance class and pupils must wear the correct uniform for every class.  (Please see our uniform page for more details).

All items can be purchased through the school.  Please ask Angela for an order form and return it with payment for items required.


Hair must be tied back neatly away from the face.


It is not necessary to wear jewellery to any dance class.  For safety reasons please remove any earrings, necklaces and watches before entering class.

Correction of Pupils

Teaching to dance correctly will from time to time involve physical contact, to get pupils into the correct stance or to correct the alignment of an arm or leg etc. These corrections are made with due care and respect for dignity but are essential in order to teach pupils correctly. 

Any parent who has a problem or would like to know more please see Angela. 

Food & Drink

Food is not to be brought into any dance class.

A small drink is allowed for those pupils taking a class which lasts for more than 60 minutes or who are participating in the Disco class. Either water or juice is deemed suitable.  Fizzy drinks and cans are not allowed.


Students will be entered for the appropriate examination in each subject that they study, but only if Angela believes they are ready to take it.  We do not wish to set any of our pupils up to fail.

We usually have two examination sessions with the I.D.T.A. (International Dance Teachers Association) each year.  Exam fees will be issued and must be paid at least one week before the exam session is held.

Pupils are expected to arrive half an hour before they are due to sit their exam and be groomed to the standard required. 

School Productions

Our productions are compulsory for all pupils and parents are required to buy and make costumes which are needed for their child.  Where possible the cost of costumes will be kept to a minimum. 

Although show dances are usually able to be taught during normal Saturday classes some pupils may be required to attend additional rehearsals outside of this time.  These will normally be paid for at the time of the class. 

The cost of costumes will be kept to a minimum where possible though parents are required to buy and make them. 

Help is always appreciated though only those parents which hold the correct police check documentation will be allowed backstage to assist in dressing pupils.


School helpers assist Angela in the running of the school.  They are not involved in the decision making process.  Any problems or queries should be directed to Angela. 

Please feel free to contact Angela outside of class times for any issues you may have.

The school principal retains the right to discharge from the school any pupil or family member who persistently disrupts tuition, uses offensive language or does not abide by any of our school rules.