Powerful Learning Environments & Student Agency

Schools in the United States play a fundamental role in preparing youth for their role as contributing members of society. Achievement, the act of accomplishing something of merit by means of effort, skill, or perseverance, is the yardstick by which we measure a student’s eventual capacity to compete in and contribute to a society that is becoming ever more globalized; a society that requires the contributions of capable, motivated, and productive individuals to sustain the current status of its political, social, and economic structures and to advance it into the future. Many strides have been taken to increase academic achievement in schools to accomplish this, but unfortunately, some of the brightest and most intelligent students in our schools fail to realize their potential and thereby fail to make significant contributions to the advancement of society. 

How can we help students take personal initiative in the process of learning?

How can we shift the responsibility for learning to students?

How can we help student achieve their potential?

This site seeks to answer these questions and to support parents, teachers, and administrators as they undertake the challenge of finding potential and developing talent in all students.