Voki Web Assignment: Mini Project

If I Were An Animal...

Hello, Class! 
Today, we will be exploring animal habitats around the world. I would like for you to visit the websites below and keep in mind which habitat you like best. What kind of animals live there? Are there plants, or is there water? Write a list of descriptive words to help you remember what it's like. Then follow the prompt below to begin your If I were an animal story. Tell us all about where you live and what you do all day, but don't tell us what you are or what your habitat is! Your story should be so descriptive that the rest of our class can guess what kind of animal you would be and where you live. 


Or, you can choose to click just one website and navigate through it to choose your habitat: 

If you do not see any animals or plants listed for your habitat, you will need to perform a Google search for the information you need.
You can do it!


If I were an animal, I would be ____________ (remember, descriptive words only!). 
I would live in a place that is ____________. 
I would have to live here because _____________. 

I created this assignment specifically for use with Voki, a site where you can dream up a talking avatar that can enhance the webpage you are directing your students to. I can really see this being useful for students who are second language learners, or who aren't strong readers. It reinforces the written content, but provides them some clarity for their assignment. This tool was simple and easy to use, and not only do I see myself using it in the future, but I anticipate having my students create their own avatars as well.