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Send Ringtones From Pc

send ringtones from pc
  • A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone, the term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.
  • (Ringtone (song)) Internet Leaks is the third EP from "Weird Al" Yankovic. It was released digitally on August 25, 2009, although all of the songs were initially released as separate digital singles between October 2008 and August 2009.
  • A sound made by a mobile phone when an incoming call is received
  • (Ringtone (film)) Ringtone is a 2010 Malayalam film by Ajmal starring Suresh Gopi, Bala and debutant Megha Nair.
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  • personal computer: a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time
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  • Parsec
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send ringtones from pc - Sanyo Zio
Sanyo Zio Android Phone (Sprint)
Sanyo Zio Android Phone (Sprint)
This mobile phone features a built-in 3.2MP camera with autofocus and video playback that lets you capture photos and videos. Bluetooth capability allows for hands-free conversations. Early Termination Fee (ETF)

As beautiful as it is powerful, the Android-powered Sanyo Zio smartphone for Sprint is just 1/2-inch thin and weighs 3.7 ounces--making it one of the thinnest, lightest Android devices on the market. Designed with productivity and entertainment in mind, Zio features a 3.5-inch touchscreen display that boasts multiple keyboard options, all with haptic feedback. An accelerometer to rotate between landscape and portrait orientations and an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness to optimize viewing. It also offers an easy-to-use trackball for navigation.

The thin and light, Android-powered Sanyo Zio with 3.5-inch touchscreen.

With integrated Google technology, the Samsung Intercept brings one-touch access to the popular Google mobile services millions use every day, including Google Search by Voice, YouTube and Picasa. It also provides easy access to both personal and corporate email, calendars, and contacts supported by Exchange Server and Gmail. And through Android Market, you'll get access to thousands of useful applications, widgets and fun games to download and install on your phone, with many more apps being added every day.
In addition to fast 3G speeds from Sprint's high-speed EV-DO network, you'll enjoy GPS navigation capabilities for accessing the optional Sprint Navigation turn-by-turn direction service and Sprint TV's video-on-demand with full-motion video and vivid sound (see more details on optional services below). The Zio is also a great choice for a cellular audio player, with access to the Sprint Music Store for over-the-air downloads as well as the Sprint Music+ service, which enables you to purchase a bundle of song, ringtone, and ringback tone.
Proving that a wireless device can be smart, attractive and unique to each individual, the Android-powered Sanyo Zio features Sprint ID, a user-friendly new means of customizing Android content on mobile phones. Sprint ID allows Zio users to instantly download ID packs that deliver a predefined experience, including applications, widgets, ringtones and wallpapers--all at once.
Other features include a Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g), Bluetooth for hands-free devices and stereo music streaming, included 2 GB microSD memory card (with optional expansion to 32 GB), Visual Voicemail, a full WebKit HTML browser, and up to 4.6 hours of talk time.
Sprint ID

Sprint ID entertainment pack.
Make your phone a reflection of who you are with Sprint ID, which helps you get the most out of your phone by allowing you to choose a total experience for your device. You'll be able to quickly download ID packs that deliver a predefined experience--including applications, widgets, ringtones and wallpapers--all at once. Packs are designed to meet your interests--whether you're a sports fan, fitness fanatic, or auto enthusiast.
And the catalog of Sprint ID experiences will grow and expand--it's a marketplace full of experiences just for you. Choose from a single experience or many--it's about customizing your phone with the information you want in the palm of your hand. Here are a few examples of currently available Sprint ID packs:
Entertainment ID: Features a host of fun video, music, photo and news apps including Facebook, Celebrity Tweets, Pandora, Shazam, Rhapsody, E! Online and more.
Socially Connected: A customized experience for keeping users connected with friends on-the-go. Pack includes: Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Mashable, Tweetcaster, YouTube, and more.
Health and Fitness: Features all the best wellness related resources for eating right, staying fit and tracking users' progress with the ability to customize to their specific interests and goals. Pack includes: Workout Coach, Fitness Tips, Calorie Counter, BMI Calculator and more.
Business Productivity: The perfect solution for busy professionals who want to stay connected, entertained and informed on-the-go. This pack features all the best tools to assist with travel plans, organization, communication and more.

Key Features
Fast 3G connectivity thanks to Sprint's EV-DO, Rev 0 network
GPS using Sprint Navigation for turn by turn directions, and points of interest searches
Powered by the Android operating system (2.1) with deep integration of Google services and access to thousands of apps to customize your phone via the Android Market. Your phone's Google Apps, such as Gmail, Calendar and Contacts, give you access to the same personal information (e-mail, events, and contacts) that you add, view, and edit on your computer using Gmail or Calendar. Synchronize the Google Apps you want to keep information up-to-date.
3.5-inch touchscreen display (400 x 800 pixels)
Virtual keyboard with haptic feedback
Intuitive trackball for easy navigation
3.2-megapixel camera
Video capture capabilities
Digital audio player compatible with MP3 and AAC files
Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g) for accessing home and corporate networks as well as hotspots while on the go.
Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.0) includes profiles for communication headset, hands-free car kits, and the A2DP Bluetooth profile--enabling you to wirelessly stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones or speaker dock.
Included 2 GB microSD card with support for optional cards up to 32 GB.
Access to personal and corporate e-mail with Microsoft Direct Push Technology and HTML support. Send and receive email from multiple corporate and personal email accounts. Also, get wireless email access to popular commercial POP3 and IMAP accounts like AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo!
Instant messaging via popular services including Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger.
View documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF on the go to maximize your productivity
Visual Voicemail gives you quick and easy access to just the messages you want to listen to by letting you go directly to a specific message, without needing to listen to or skip past previous messages.
Google Android Web browser (WebKit-based)
Airplane mode allows you to listen to music while the cellular connectivity is turned off
Vital Statistics
The Sanyo Zio weighs 3.7 ounces and measures 4.6 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches. Its 1130 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 4.6 hours of talk time. It runs on the 800/1900 CDMA/EV-DO Rev. 0 frequencies.
What's in the Box

Sanyo Zio handset, rechargeable battery, charger, 2 GB microSD memory card, USB cable, quick start guide
Sprint Services
Broadband-like 3G network: Supporting the EV-DO Rev. A high-speed data standard, this phone enables you to download and stream high-quality video, straight onto your phone. Where coverage is available, EV-DO Rev. A connectivity provides average download speeds ranging from 400 to 700 Kbps, with peak rates up to 2 Mbps.
Sprint TV enabled: With Sprint TV, you can make your cell phone your always-on source for news, weather, sports and more. This comprehensive video service combines high-quality streaming audio and video from channels including the NFL Network, ABC, The Weather Channel, Fox Sports, E!, CNN, The Discovery Channel, and more.
Sprint Music Store enabled: The Sprint Music Store enables you to buy, download, and then jam out wherever you are with new songs or old favorites. Offering a growing selection of more than 1.6 million songs, the store provides you two copies of each song--one for the phone and another for the PC, as well as the ability to burn songs to a CD using Windows Media Player. Save your songs to a memory card with a capacity that's right for you.
And Sprint Music+ offers an easy way to discover new music and tones and manage all of your music content in one convenient place. Love a new song and want the music track, ringtone, and ringback tone? Save money and buy the bundle! SM+ is also a full-featured music & tone manager--you can create music and ringback tone playlists, assign ringback tones to play for different callers and times of day, and get recommendations based on your musical tastes.
GPS capable with Sprint Navigation: This GPS-enabled phone provides optional access to Sprint Navigation for driving directions on your mobile phone--by voice and onscreen. Along the way, turn-by-turn directions will be announced in a clear voice and displayed on your phone. For example, Sprint Navigation will say, "Go 1.2 miles and turn right on Elm Street." As you approach the turn, you will hear, "Turn right on Elm Street." Sprint Navigation also provides proactive traffic alerts with one click re-routing. And it's easy to find restaurants, banks, cafes, hotels and more from over 10 million points of interest across the U.S.
Stay Sporty with Sprint: With NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile, instantly connect to the NASCAR information you want, when you want it. Follow NASCAR action from practice to race day with real-time leaderboard and alerts. Get exclusive access to your favorite NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver with real-time driver stats, breaking news and more. Live in-car audio, race radio, NASCAR on SPEED and other audio/video only available on select phones. Visit for details.
To access, just text "NASCAR" to 7777 on your Sprint phone or visit the Sprint Digital Lounge to download NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile (standard text messaging and data rates apply).
This phone also provides access to Sprint Football Live--free for any phone with a data plan. You'll be able to follow all the live play-by-play action with the Live Game Center for both pro and college football games, as well as stay on top of the pro football draft with a Live Draft Tracker and in-depth analysis and bios on nearly 500 top prospects. Access by texting "FOOTBALL" to 7777 on the handset to download Sprint Football Live from Sprint Digital Lounge (standard text messaging and data rates apply).
Also Available for This Android Device
Amazon Appstore for Android
Get a great paid app for free every day. Kindle
Buy a book once and read it everywhere with our free Kindle Reading App for Android. Amazon MP3
Shop 15 million songs and stream your Cloud Drive music directly from your Android device.
Find local movie showtimes and TV listings, watch trailers, and search the world's largest source of entertainment information. Audible
Download audiobooks directly to your Android device, then listen wherever you go, get audiobook news, earn badges, and more. Amazon Mobile
Shop for millions of products, get product details, and read reviews--right from your mobile device.

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SENT: Coloriffic Swaporama July-swaporama Swap
SENT: Coloriffic Swaporama July-swaporama Swap
A sneak peak of what I'm sending to my secret swap partner for the polka dot swap. I handmade a bag for her in one of her favorite colors (pink). I hope she likes all of her goodies!!!
pack it up small --- sent
pack it up small --- sent
this is a preview of the package i am sending for the pack it up small, sweets theme. i hope my secret partner will like it!!

send ringtones from pc
send ringtones from pc
Samsung t239 Prepaid Phone, Charcoal (T-Mobile)
This basic GSM phone puts the features of the T229 into a slider body and bumps up the display resolution. Key features include Bluetooth, camera, mobile web browser, and Java for downloadable games.

Stay in touch with all your contacts and keep your busy life organized with the Samsung T239, and pay the way you want with prepaid and postpaid calling plans from T-Mobile Pay As You Go. The compact, T239 slider phone includes multiple messaging options--including text, picture and instant messaging--and it provides handsfree communication capabilities via an integrated speakerphone and Bluetooth connectivity.

T-Mobile Pay As You Go lets you
pay the way you want.
Other features include a VGA camera for still photos, personal organizer tools, compatibility with T-Mobile's My Faves service, and up to 6 hours of talk time.
Phone Features
The Samsung T239 slider phone has a brightly colorful LCD screen (176 x 220 pixels, 262K color depth) that sits above a four-way navigation pad that's surrounded by send/end keys and two soft navigation keys. Push the face upward and it smoothly slides open to reveal the standard alpha-numeric keypad that's complemented with dedicated keys of accessing messaging tools and the phone's web browser.

A VGA camera on the back for still photos.
This phone has a small 10 MB internal memory, which cannot be expanded. The phonebook can store up to 300 contacts with multiple numbers per contact entry.
Handsfree communication is easy thanks to the integrated speakerphone. This phone also provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and includes profiles for communication headset and handsfree car kits.
You'll be able to stay in close contact with friends and family via both text (SMS) and picture (MMS) messaging, and this phone provides access to popular instant messaging services (including AIM, Yahoo!, and Windows Live) for fast, on-the-go conversations. This handset includes built-in T9 predictive text entry technology, which makes it easier to enter words and text.
Other features include:
VGA digital camera (640 x 480 pixels) for still photos with 4x digital zoom
Organizer tools: alarm, calendar, tasks, calculator, world time, converter, timer, stopwatch
40-chord polyphonic ringtones plus vibrate mode
Graphic format support: JPEG, GIF, PNG
Voice note recorder
Vital Statistics
The Samsung T239 weighs 3.34 ounces and measures 1.87 x 3.78 x 0.68 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 6 hours of talk time, and up to 336 hours (14 days) of standby time. It runs on the 850/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS frequencies.
T-Mobile Pay As You Go Prepaid Service
T-Mobile prepaid plans give you wireless access with less commitment, so you can pay--and talk--as you go. With no annual contract, no credit check, and no monthly bill, prepaid plans are a simple, direct way to go mobile. There are many ways to conveniently refill your T-Mobile Prepaid Plan so that you can stay continually connected with the people who matter most, including using web2go directly from your phone, via the T-Mobile Web site, or using refill cards available at over 90,000 locations nationwide.
With Pay As You Go, you get wireless service exactly how you like it--there's no long-term contract, no credit checks, and no surprises. Add $100 in refills with Pay As You Go and you'll become a Gold Rewards customer, which gets you 15 percent more minutes on all refills and your minutes won't expire for a year after the time you refill.

See T-Mobile's coverage map.
You can also pay only $1.00 per day for unlimited nights and unlimited nationwide calling to any T-Mobile number. All other domestic calls you make are just 10? per minute.
T-Mobile includes the following services with this T-Mobile Pay As You Go phone:
Nationwide long distance (including calls to Alaska and Hawaii)
National roaming on the T-Mobile USA network
t-zones (browsing for HiFi Ringers, MegaTones, wallpapers, and more; not available on all devices)
Voice-mail, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling
Free e-mail address (
Additional services available for additional fees:
Text messaging ($0.10 to send, $0.5 to receive)
Picture messaging ($0.25 to send or receive)
Download ringtones and wallpaper (prices vary)
Download games and applications (prices vary)
411 & More directory assistance ($1.79 per call plus airtime)
International dialing to over 150 countries (international rates apply)
Prepaid international roaming rates
To keep your mobile number active, refill within 90 days after your minutes expire. After 90 days, your account will be canceled and you will lose your phone number. If you want to restart service after that time, you will need to activate new service.