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1900-1950 Assessment

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The study of United States History in high school builds on historical and geographical perspectives gained from the elementary and middle level study of North Carolina and the United States. The study of World History in grade nine will now enable students to place the United States in a world context as well. The economic and political perspectives and historical foundations gained from the study of Civics and Economics will prepare students for the examination of our nations history. In order to include the perspectives of the twenty-first century, the study of United States History will begin with the Federalist Period and continue through the changes in America following the terrorist attack on September 11th. In North Carolina, the study of history no longer supports memorization of unexamined and isolated facts but emphasizes the thinking skills to detect trends, analyze movements and events, and develop a sense of history.

Honors United States History provides the opportunity for advanced work, rigorous academic study, and the practical application of the major ideas and concepts found in the study of United States history. The course is challenging and requires students to take greater responsibility for their learning by participating in problem-seeking and problem-solving, scholarly and creative processes, critical analysis and application, reflective thinking, and the expression and defense of ideas generated through the study of the content. Honors United States History follows the same course of study as the corresponding standard United States History course; however, the material is taught with greater complexity, novelty, acceleration, and reflects a differentiated curriculum. Honors United States History is distinguished by a difference in the quality of the work expected, not merely an increase in quantity.

The Textbook

This is the textbook we will use for this course. It is sufficient to say that we will mostly dealing with primary sources, so the textbook will be supplemental. Additional materials that accompany the textbook can be found here. I highly advise you to work with these supplemental materials especially the chapter overviews and self-check quizzes.

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