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The Best Gift of All

posted Dec 26, 2013, 7:24 AM by Kate Liese
This year, not only have I been more than fortunate to be surrounded by family, friends, and warriors who have fought as hard as I have, but I was visited by the Real Santa, the one rides a firetruck...Since I was a little girl, each Christmas I received what I thought was the most coveted gift of all  (Alvin the Chipmunk... which may explain some things) from Santa whose Sleigh was a Firetruck (from Lingohocken Fire Company).  After more than 3 years of fighting, praying, positive vibing, persevering, and believing, Santa, again riding a Firetruck (this year from Feasterville Fire Company) brought me yet again the most coveted gift of all: LIFE.
And after getting the PICC in on Christmas Eve, Santa even sent some elves to visit, reminding me that the day after Christmas, my Christmas wish would come true.

Thank you is not enough to all of you who have helped in the war along the way.  But thanks to all of our efforts, I soon hope to spread awareness on a much bigger scale and help save the lives of many.  Peace, love, prayers, hugs, positive vibes to all!