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Spring is Here

posted Mar 21, 2015, 1:03 PM by Jen Liese
It dawned on me that I haven't been on since October.  I'm still alive and fighting for the life I used to enjoy so fruitfully. 
We have started IV immune infusions every few weeks, along with the daily IV Anti-fungal.  My primary activity has been resting and letting my body do what it needs to heal. 
My Little Buddy, Grady, the love of my life who helped me through so much, passed away December 2.  I found a new friend, who came into my life at 16 weeks old, Friday December 26 (my new Christmas).  He is a golden retriever/ chocolate lab mix who is a black ball of love and seems like he the best of everything and everybody all rolled into this sweet dog.  Hoping to certify Kai as a therapy dog at 1 year old so he can brighten up those who need it; and maybe a service dog depending on how the damage to my nervous system progresses. 
We've had a few big doctor weeks with another crucial month coming up, as well as an exciting week to come. 
Promise to keep updates a bit sooner ;) Peace, love, hugs, and positive vibes to all!