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Fall into Fall

posted Oct 1, 2014, 6:30 PM by Jen Liese
Having been able to enjoy much improvement throughout late spring and early summer, these last two months have told a different story.  After a major setback in early August, thanks to many amazing people I'm able to fight to return to where I was.  The new tunneled chest catheter has been working great!  Although the anti-fungal has been killing the toxicity, the movement disorder has returned 100 fold.  Not only has the spasticity affected my legs and arms, but for the first time, it has begun to restrict my ability to breathe.  Looking into movement disorder specialists, neurologists with experience, pursuing options for success.
I look forward to overcoming the new challenges that have arisen while enjoying all that nature has to offer, the irreplaceable friends whom I have come to know and love, and all of the moments that continue to take my breath away!
Love, prayers, hugs, and positive vibes to all!