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August, Summer's not over yet!

posted Aug 12, 2013, 12:08 PM by Jen Liese   [ updated Oct 25, 2013, 2:31 PM ]
Sorry for the wait, as one may notice, I'm not that quick with keeping up with social anything...  This summer has been both wonderful and challenging.  I've had unthinkable opportunities to brighten the day of others, bring smiles to faces, and even compete in a Warrior Dash with some of my closest warriors.  5 minutes later, I was paralyzed on oxygen for a few hours, but hey, who can say no to that!  It was a Warrior Dash!  The weekend and summer has been filled with amazing surprises and even greater people. 

Unfortunately, my sympt
oms have increased their precursors have decreased.  While this summer has brought some of the older symptoms back into the forefront, brought some new ones to challenge us, and kept the day to day battles consistent.  Some of the new symptoms: facial tremors, increased difficulty breathing while being tested 100% O2 uptake on your finger (likely due to mitochondrial trouble), increased difficulty with cognition, and lastly (lets hope) the unpredictability and randomness of my leg(s) not working.  
My Lil Buddy is doing just great, thanks for asking!

Our goals are the same, now we're just looking for new ways to accomplish them.
Thank you again for all of your continued well wishes, they really do make a difference!  Good Luck to all of those students and athletes heading off to college in the next weeks...ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF IT!
Love, Prayers, and Positive Vibes to All!