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As March Badness ends, April hope Begins

posted Apr 1, 2013, 1:58 AM by Jen Liese
After a heartwarming, soul fulfilling weekend, I wish I had better news to share.  Since my previous post, we discovered the breathing treatments and inhalers used to control my moderate obstructive lung disease and reactive airway condition (courtesy of the toxic mold) while temporarily providing relief, has been providing the mold a steroid packed food source since my hospitalization for pneumonia in November 2012. As a  result, WE are URGENTLY SEEKING a PULMONOLOGIST who has experience with LUNG CONDITIONS resulting from ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS, INCLUDING TOXIC MOLD.  Additionally, I have committed to the short, short, shorter  hairstyle the mold continues to provide; although I hear I can pull it off quite well...  (photos to come soon!)

As a result, I have had to stop working all together, and apply for State Funding.  As you warrior supporters know, this reality is as difficult as our team of warriors working hard to help find a cure. 

On a positive note, I have been able to control the central nervous system symptoms, mainly the tremors, dyskensia & paralysis with neurontin in lieu of the addictive medication prescribed since summer 2011.  This important discovery demonstrates to those close minded physicians who have claimed they are Conversion Disorder, or anxiety/stress induced, that they are in fact induced by "external triggers to the central nervous system yet unknown", according to latest neurology findings. 

Today, my dedicated team of specialists and I are hoping to find a way, not only to effectively control my pulmonary symptoms, but to find a way to get the world's most effective mold killer into my veins, AmBoteracin ?  According to a collaboration of the world's leading specialists on toxic mold, my 'mold doc' now included! this new drug, received intravenously daily, is proving to be the most effective at not only stopping the mold from producing its mycotoxins and their gases, but in killing the mold itself within the body, effectively stopping the worsening of the symptoms.  Again, any ideas or suggestions, PLEASE email or text or leave on my voicemail. 

For those of you pondering my mindset, its simple: Positive vibes, faith, & a no worries attitude.  I do not, nor have I wondered why me, worry about what if, or waste any irreplaceable energy toward the negative.  Instead, I know that EVERYTHING that has been a part of my life's path has provided and reinforced the strength I am grateful to use to win this war WE are fighting.  My ultimate goal, which will be achieved, is to find a cure, heal my body, and then use the amplified positive energy provided by all of you who, even if I haven't yet listed you with my Angel's (please feel free to send me a reminder!) to spread awareness of not only the dangers of toxic mold, but its cure, that should become universally accepted and practiced by all infectious disease physicians who encounter those affected by toxic mold.

As today is April 1st, and I'm actually posting on the special day, I want to wish my dad, Pete, a very special Happy Birthday as he is battling a very severe form of Gueinne Barre.  Positive vibes are contagious as even Dad has more positive than negative things to say and has begun sending out his own Positive Vibes. 

As always, my endless GRATITUDE, LOVE, PRAYERS & POSITIVE VIBES go out to each and every one of you, your loved ones and those whom you hold so dearly!  ...Whatever it takes, Warriors Always get back Up!