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A long & challenging, yet rewarding month

posted Feb 13, 2013, 10:28 AM by Jen Liese
Since my last post, I have recovered from what turned into pneumonia, no thanks to my support system of warriors! 
As I was starting to get back on my feet, I was in a serious car accident on the way to help family, and suffered a severe concussion, fractured scapula and minor elbow damage.  As my close friends have said, "we know you have a hard head, how's the car?!"  I am very grateful for the side curtain airbags, as they, and all of those out there in the universe who supported me for doing the right thing helped save my life that night.  For that, I am eternally grateful. 
So healing, and finally having found a safe, new car to me, my immune system has been working overtime.  This past weekend, I yielded to a sinus infection and strep infection yet continued to serve in my part time job.  My hair continues to fall out in lines accupuncturists call the meridian lines, meaning I have an active mold infection.  I just take that as I need more rest, better nutrition, get back in the hyperbaric chamber as soon as the pressure in my head decreases, and have fun with my hair while I can!  Additionally, I am looking forward to the putting back on the six pounds of muscle that I have lost over the recent weeks.
Of course, I'm spreading as many positive vibes as often as possible and feeding off of the positive vibes directed my way!