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Teammates Kai & Jen spreading Positive Vibes

Team Kai & Jen at a doctor

Jen & her fuzzy helper, Kai, in training

Jen sporting her country roots and looking strong shortly after the Mold

Santa brought Jen's Christmas wish - after many hurdles, her medication has finally been approved and treatment will begin shortly! 12/21/13

Keeping Strong, Family Style

Jen & her Little Buddy enjoying the outdoors BEFORE the mold.
Recent Updates About Jen:
  • cool to warm and back to cool months again...
    The latter months of 2018 were filled with more health and medical setbacks than steps forward and more wet weather than dry.
    Although the second half of 2018 has seemingly continued into the New Year, it is my hope that the months ahead will be filled with and spread more Positive Vibes than ever before!  I continue to be both blessed by and grateful for amazing people in my life.  Endless love, hugs, prayers and Positive Vibes from Kai and I to our Mold Warrior Family!

    Posted Feb 12, 2019, 3:22 PM by Jen Liese
  • What a Few Months It Has Been!
    Here's to DRY Weather and warmer days ahead!

    After a tough Fall, recovering from a L wrist surgery and several infections, my immune system took a big hit.  We were able to take out my central line (used for monthly infusions of immune globulin).  In order to help turn the immune numbers around, we went with and have continued weekly infusions of a different immune globulin, and after several months, we began to turn the corner back towards neutral. 
    Coming out of a rough Winter, my immune numbers recovering enough, I had a big time R shoulder surgery.  They even re-anchored my biceps tendon through my humerus; that was quite the birthday present!  But gratefully, my medical team and team of Mold Warriors helped me Positive Vibe throughout the process and for that I am truly Blessed.  Even Kai helped me get to physical therapy on St Patty's Day so I wouldn't skip a beat!

    But the greatest turn-a-round being the start to Spring, with a dream of a lifetime coming true!  My Mold Warriors and my Fairy God Mother brought me to see my all time favorite artist/performer P!NK live at Madison Square Garden!  Not only did they make sure I was dressed for the occasion, they cleared the crowd so I could get a picture with the banner without my mask! 
    The only way I can think of to thank everyone who helped to make this in every and any way possible is to keep fighting every day.  I mean every single person who has helped from a smile to a ride to a text that has helped me,especially when I didn't realize when I needed it the most, THANK YOU!

    God Bless all of our soldiers, veterans, first responders, and all those who volunteer, donate, help give back to those and their families who not only help keep us safe but allow us to live a life of our choosing, one of freedom.  Thank You All! 

    My teammate Kai and I continue to send our love, prayers, hugs, and positive vibes, as one famous talk show host says, "right back at ya" each and every day to all of my Mold Warriors, to those who continue to fight their own battles, advocate the dangers of Toxic Mold, and be those soul-uplifting Positive Vibers. 

    Posted Apr 29, 2018, 4:25 PM by Jen Liese
  • As Fall turns to Winter
    Thank you to everyone who has continued to and joined my fight for life, spreading positive vibes, and awareness that Toxic Mold is a very Real Danger.  My team of physicians and I, along with my team of Warriors, have been working around the clock to not only help me with logistics and introductions, but to combat the systems of my body as each one has its own new battles to fight.  I'm forever grateful for those of you who help put and keep a smile on my face and in my heart everyday.  Each one of your efforts has been a tremendous help and a blessing. 

    As most know, the wet and humid weather takes a toll on my entire body, my nervous and immune systems taking the brunt of the hit.  Throughout the summer and into this wet fall, I have had more bad days than good, however, thanks to my warriors, I have been able to openly receive and send out positive vibes in my own way each and every day and for that I thank you all!
    We are trying weekly infusions of a new IV immune medication in hopes of keeping my system on a more equal or sustainable level.  One dose down, next one this week.  If it too goes well I may be able to get the catheter, that once saved my life but that is now putting it at risk, removed and receive the weekly infusions through needles in my thighs! 

    I have expanded my team of experts with our goal of spreading the knowledge we have gained world wide.
    Also, my service dog Kai, was caught being a great help during my first weekly-in office infusion-last week.  He is a true blessing and helps me not only get around, but to get out and experience a glimpse of what life will again be once we stabilize my immune and neurological systems.  In his spare time, he loves to swim, play fetch and even dock dive which is all great exercise for him and enjoyment for me!

    I hope that all of this brings plenty of enjoyment, forgiveness, fulfillment, energy, happiness, love, and positive vibes to everyone as we approach the holiday season!

    Posted Nov 6, 2017, 3:07 PM by Jen Liese
  • Spring is here and with it brings hope
    2016 was a rough, and tumble year where most of the time I felt as I was the ocean crashing against the shore, sometimes bringing storm damage, others adventures like sunken ships, and yet each time something to bring joy to some creatures life; even if be a seagull's lunch. 
    Our team of warriors has hit many road bumbs since my last post but slowly we have been crawling, digging, climbing our way around each way whether it be to add a new and valued expert to a team, or be grateful only some of my hair falls out  in cycles, not all at once. 
    Despite my essentially lack of immune system (requiring a lot of sleep & fuel) and wet weather over these months, when I do feel like a hermit, I realize more than ever how much I am grateful for, who I have already helped and will help and found new and unique ways to bring Joy to others. 
    My furry friend Kai never leaves my side and helps keep me in those positive vibing fighting spirits. 
    Please continue to spread my study, advocate, share, and keep fighting. We will get the dream team to deal with the wrath black mold has left in its wake. 
    Prayers, love, hugs, joy, hope, and positive vibes to you all!
    Thank you!
    Posted May 7, 2017, 12:23 PM by Kate Liese
  • Hope, Wonder, and Positive Vibes for Happy New Year
    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to All! 

    My fuzzy helper in training, Kai, our warriors, angels and I have been working hard to build a more comprehensive team of physicians and experts.  This growing team, is truly amazing.  Each and every member has gone above and beyond to help and are focused on not only saving my life and finding a cure.

    As for me, the current state of my immune system has me wearing a medical mask anywhere I go as any infection can be fatal.  I continue to battle obstacles and overcome challenges that come my way.  With my warriors, angels, and Kai at my side, I hope tackle any obstacle in the way of finding a cure.

    Continued and endless gratitude to my fellow warriors, angels, and positive vibers who have and continue to support me.
    Peace, love, hugs, wonder, prayers and positive vibes to all!

    Posted Dec 27, 2015, 4:16 PM by Jen Liese
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