Jen's Photos:

Jen & her fuzzy helper, Kai, in training

Jen sporting her country roots and looking strong shortly after the Mold

Santa brought Jen's Christmas wish - after many hurdles, her medication has finally been approved and treatment will begin shortly! 12/21/13

Keeping Strong, Family Style

Jen & her Little Buddy enjoying the outdoors BEFORE the mold.
Recent Updates About Jen:
  • Spring is here and with it brings hope
    2016 was a rough, and tumble year where most of the time I felt as I was the ocean crashing against the shore, sometimes bringing storm damage, others adventures like sunken ships, and yet each time something to bring joy to some creatures life; even if be a seagull's lunch. 
    Our team of warriors has hit many road bumbs since my last post but slowly we have been crawling, digging, climbing our way around each way whether it be to add a new and valued expert to a team, or be grateful only some of my hair falls out  in cycles, not all at once. 
    Despite my essentially lack of immune system (requiring a lot of sleep & fuel) and wet weather over these months, when I do feel like a hermit, I realize more than ever how much I am grateful for, who I have already helped and will help and found new and unique ways to bring Joy to others. 
    My furry friend Kai never leaves my side and helps keep me in those positive vibing fighting spirits. 
    Please continue to spread my study, advocate, share, and keep fighting. We will get the dream team to deal with the wrath black mold has left in its wake. 
    Prayers, love, hugs, joy, hope, and positive vibes to you all!
    Thank you!
    Posted May 7, 2017, 12:23 PM by Kate Liese
  • Hope, Wonder, and Positive Vibes for Happy New Year
    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to All! 

    My fuzzy helper in training, Kai, our warriors, angels and I have been working hard to build a more comprehensive team of physicians and experts.  This growing team, is truly amazing.  Each and every member has gone above and beyond to help and are focused on not only saving my life and finding a cure.

    As for me, the current state of my immune system has me wearing a medical mask anywhere I go as any infection can be fatal.  I continue to battle obstacles and overcome challenges that come my way.  With my warriors, angels, and Kai at my side, I hope tackle any obstacle in the way of finding a cure.

    Continued and endless gratitude to my fellow warriors, angels, and positive vibers who have and continue to support me.
    Peace, love, hugs, wonder, prayers and positive vibes to all!

    Posted Dec 27, 2015, 4:16 PM by Jen Liese
  • Penn State Women's Soccer 2015 National Champions!
    Congratulations to the Penn State Women's Soccer Team in winning the program's first NCAA National Championship!
    Posted Dec 27, 2015, 3:50 PM by Jen Liese
  • Happy Memorial Day
    First and foremost, THANK YOU to all who have chosen to put this great Nation and all that it stands for above all else so that we may be free.  Happy Memorial Day.

    Updates have slower and less informational of recent, and I apologize for this new trend, but it may continue for a time.

    The IV anti-fungal treatments continue and the IV Immune Infusions continue to help slowly lift my immune system from its rocky bottom.  I'm grateful for all of the smiles and joy I have been able to experience and share with others.  My growing puppy, Kai, is a big fuzzy bundle of love and joy and continues to help me on the harder days and ensures I take advantage of the easier days as much as possible. 

    Along with the IV medications, the oral medications have been adapted again, and will be again soon, always seeking the most effective combination.  The tremors have decreased in frequency while the muscle weakness has significantly increased especially in the legs.  I tend to have more success staying in humidity controlled environments and taking it slowly.  No updates on the hair and eyebrow front, when there is, y'all will get a picture for sure!  Nutritionally, I have found what can be classified as an Alkaline(Epileptic)/Paleo nutrition combination to be the most successful in avoiding foods that are considered to promote what I like to call mold parties.

    I'm hoping that as I continue to learn more through testing, research, the kindness of others, perseverance, and serendipity that I will be able to find the specialists who are able to stop the mold in its tracks, stop and hopefully reverse the damage the mold, its mycotoxins and gases has and continues to cause to my neurological system.  Additionally, I want to develop and share protocols for mold detection, diagnosis, treatments, etc!  Gathering the information and using what I can to improve my health situation is not enough.  So many people can and should benefit from what I have experienced and learned from this journey already, not to mention what is to come.
    Peace, love, hugs, prayers and positive vibes to all!
    Posted May 26, 2015, 1:25 PM by Jen Liese
  • Spring is Here
    It dawned on me that I haven't been on since October.  I'm still alive and fighting for the life I used to enjoy so fruitfully. 
    We have started IV immune infusions every few weeks, along with the daily IV Anti-fungal.  My primary activity has been resting and letting my body do what it needs to heal. 
    My Little Buddy, Grady, the love of my life who helped me through so much, passed away December 2.  I found a new friend, who came into my life at 16 weeks old, Friday December 26 (my new Christmas).  He is a golden retriever/ chocolate lab mix who is a black ball of love and seems like he the best of everything and everybody all rolled into this sweet dog.  Hoping to certify Kai as a therapy dog at 1 year old so he can brighten up those who need it; and maybe a service dog depending on how the damage to my nervous system progresses. 
    We've had a few big doctor weeks with another crucial month coming up, as well as an exciting week to come. 
    Promise to keep updates a bit sooner ;) Peace, love, hugs, and positive vibes to all!

    Posted Mar 21, 2015, 1:03 PM by Jen Liese
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