Silver Baby Bootie Charm

silver baby bootie charm
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silver baby bootie charm - Bling Jewelry
Bling Jewelry Gold Over 925 Sterling Silver Baby Shoe Charm Bead Pandora Compatible
Bling Jewelry Gold Over 925 Sterling Silver Baby Shoe Charm Bead Pandora Compatible
Remember the fond times of your child's youth with Gold Over 925 Sterling Silver Baby Shoe Charm Bead. This silver bead is in the perfectly crafted shape of a baby's shoe featuring a gold vermeil ribbon. Baby Shoe Charm Bead is an excellent addition to your European charms and beads that fit Pandora bracelets! Baby Shoe Charm Bead measures approximately 7mm height x 10.5mm length x 6mm width and weighs approximately 2 grams. Give this charm bead to a mother-to-be or as a Mother's Day gift! With a wide range of available patterns such as heart beads, charm beads, kids beads, enamel beads, animal beads, spacer beads, sports beads, star beads, crystal beads, glass beads and birthstone beads you're sure to discover a charm that fits Pandora bracelets. Compatible with Pandora, Biagi, Chamilia, and Troll beads!

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Silver Star
Silver Star
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silver baby bootie charm
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