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Baby Born Zapf Creations

baby born zapf creations
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baby born zapf creations - Zapf Creation
Zapf Creation My Little Baby Born, 13" White Doll
Zapf Creation My Little Baby Born, 13" White Doll
This 13-inch long BABY born doll is a great introduction for young girls interested in being a mommy. The doll is dressed in soft, short sleeve onesie that can be removed for bath time. Because her waterproof body is made from quick-drying material, My Little BABY born can get in the tub with her caretaker and still be dry enough for bedtime shortly after.
Her adorable face has kissable cheeks and fixed brown eyes that look lovingly at whoever is currently holding her. BABY born comes with a pacifier for moments when "mommy" needs a little peace, and it is attached to her outfit with a satin ribbon so as not to get misplaced. The doll also comes with a miniature rubber ducky that squeaks--and loves to take baths, too.

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chiqui ponies
chiqui ponies
Apparently these are quite rare outside of Europe, so here's a pic of the Chiqui Ponies in full regalia. They don't all look the same, I just happen to have three similar ones.
baby born.. my favorite doll ever.. i've had it for more than 11 years now..!! i got it out to play with it with my neice who also has one but clearly a newer edition.. :)

baby born zapf creations
baby born zapf creations
Baby Born Mommy's Little Patient
Paging Doctor Mommy! This take-along medical kit has everything you need to give BABY born® a check up to make sure she is feeling well. A medical case folds out into a portable Doctor's Office. Check BABY born® with the included doctor's tools. Put her on the scale to see how much she weighs. Check out her tummy ache with the light-up X-Ray. Check her blood pressure with a gauge that really moves. Use the heart monitor with lights and sounds. Includes: 13 inch BABY born® doll, fold-up medical case, 2 x-ray pictures, 5 check-up charts, blood pressure gauge (attached to case), hypodermic needle, eye chart, play weight scale (part of case), fold-out exam table, health chart, audioscope (for ears), heart monitor cable, thermometer, and stethoscope. Battery requirements: 3 AA batteries (not included). For age 3+ Other Baby Born sets include: Fresh & Fruity Curly Cuties; Amazing Bubbles & Swim Baby Boy; Amazing Bubbles & Swim Baby Girl.

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