The sixth mission : Looking for traces of Rome in Europe

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You can listen to this activity thanks to Silvia

Hi, friends, it's ET speaking again!

Today my earthling friend Tomasso has invited me to visite Rome. Wooow, it's a marvellous city; I think, it's the most beautiful city that my eyes have seen

We were walking through the Imperial Forums and we were contemplating the Colosseum. How amazing is this building!!!

Tomasso has told me there are so many more important Roman monuments across Europe. I also spoke of an architectural movement known as Neoclassicism, which was modeled on the classical world.

But I can't spend time visiting them all!!! Could you help me, please?


You'll have to complete a collaborative map to our friend ET. In this map you have to add some cities where we can find Roman remains, or Neoclassical Buildings!. Edit this map and put 
a marker where remains or Neoclassical buildings are.

If you want,  you can add a picture of these Roman remains or Neoclasical buildings. It's easy; when you put the marker, inmediately a windows is opened. Select "rich Text" and from there you can insert image. (Please, choose a small image).