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I am a Senior Lecturer, Researcher and the Head of the Bachelor's Degree in Marketing at ESIC Business & Marketing School

I started my academic career as an Economist at Munich University (LMU) and University Carlos III de Madrid, in the field of Industrial Organization, where I discovered my fascination for modeling and data analysis of strategic firm behaviour and concretely the competition analysis of marketing variables, in particular location choice and pricing. In this line, currently I am focused within my research group at ESIC on different types of marketing inter-actions within the Digital Economy, aiming to make the increasing amount of available data (geodata, clickstream data, price tracking,...) and technologies useful through the aplication of economic models of market functioning and econometric methodologies. 
The objective of my research focus is to reveal new insights to improve firm performance und better understand the marketing function within the fast changing digital environment. 

If you are as well interested in these areas and want to learn more about my work please don't hesitate to contact me at