This page is connected to the CUE Rockstar Las Vegas 2014 presentation of the same name by the handsome, clever, and modest Doug Robertson.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_-857y-L6X_M/TGGtmxlo53I/AAAAAAAABCs/OCwvJ-bKbtU/s1600/pbsgoogle.gif(Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis)

CCSS state that students, "...tailor their searches online to acquire useful information efficiently, and they integrate what they learn using technology with what they learn offline." Search engines do not have An Answer, they have All the Answers, so students must be taught to separate the wheat from the chaff while reading, listening to, and viewing a variety of media. Through this session we will discuss the best ways to model the critical thinking skills students must build to effectively and efficiently use the Library of Alexandria in their pockets.

Teaching critical thinking skills will optimize the way student navigate The Google. Is the first link always the best? No, but how do the students know that? And once they click on that link, where is the information?