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Odd and weird merchandise:
Bacon chocolate barkimchi chocolateGuinness chocolatethe world's largest gummy bearchocolate pastaSudoku toilet rollgiant plush microbesUSB drive?

MosesOh mine, I'm on someone's mailing listIt's not worth it...That's him...

Rabbit tigersheepish pigsa day in the life of Star Wars characters via LEGOpolice dog in trainingGoogle holiday logosbunny at worksquirrelarrestcat eyes, bodyscapes, texture mapping of Linux pengiuns, an O'Reilly publication

Animated GIFs:
Dancersdancing cat

Web sites:
Yoda-speak generatorDespair, Inc.Barney Bush,

Short Jokes:
One day...the atheistJuan comes...

Long Jokes:
Google technologyHaikuEnglish is tough stuffmusings about Englishimproving English spellingon a cruise ship...anagramoil and wateris there a Santa Claus?Simpsonsstandard disclaimer

Multimedia Streams:
Red pandamatrix ping pongStore Warsdominoevil twinrowingadvertisement avenue, kung fu, yatta (Windows),


Scientists convert skin to blood, 11/8/2010
Trapped in an elevator, 11/7/2010
Harry Potter blamed for India's owl crisis, 11/3/2010
Facebook shows why you might get dumped before Xmas, 11/2/2010
Car produced with a 3D printer, 11/2/2010
Things your chef doesn't want you to know, 11/1/2010
World's most expensive home, 10/29/2010
Driverless van, 10/28/2010
Most green products are not green, 10/27/2010
Allies used math against German tanks, 10/26/2010
Robot hands without fingers, 10/25/2010
The new cool cars, 10/17/2010
Proving 1 = 0.999..., 10/14/2010
BP spills coffee, 6/9/2010
YouTube text mode, 4/1/2010
Petra, 3/14/2010


Seaweed, 7/30/2010
Words, 6/30/2010
Synesthesia, 6/14/2010
The Huber experiment, 6/14/2010
Birds on the wires, 9/6/2009
Andy Wang's random art gallery


Portaledge camping, Redwood Empire, California
Transformer owl, 3/23/2008
Plane coming out of water, 3/15/2008
Sonic boom, 3/13/2008
Octopus camouflage, 3/12/2006

Not Your Average Toys:

Lego printer, 6/2/2010
Lego Rubik's cube solver, 2/15/2010
Rubber band machine gun, 2/25/2008
Lego Technic Off-Roader
Testors Harley-Davidson Road King
Mathematical lego sculptures, 7/3/2002

Odd News:

How can you tell when a CEO is lying?, 10/18/2010
5 times we almost nuked ourselves, 10/17/2010
Robbers clean up with vacuum, 9/23/2010
Eating evidence, 11/22/2009
The state of humanity, 11/5/2009
Germans wearing same underwear for 7 days?, 2008

Random Facts:

Best jobs in America, 10/1/2010
Collective nouns,
Etymologically Speaking,
The origin of words and names,
The first smiley,
The English language: words borrowed from other languages,
General interesting facts

Not Funny:

Sink hole, 5/31/2010
Sugar: the bitter truth, 7/30/2009
The story of stuff
Peak water
Investigation casts light on the mysterious flying black triangle, 8/5/2002
Space rock 'on collision course' 7/24/2002


Daily Crossword Puzzle
Yahoo Game Room
The Way of the Exploding Stick


Miramar air show, 10/18/2002-10/20/2002
RC warship combat , 9/21/2002
Cirque Du Soleil
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