Mir Space Station

New Crew on Mir: 6 April 2000

SSTV Pictures from Mir
The technical details of this activity are: Frequency 145.985 MHz +/- 5KHz (doppler), Frequency Modulation FM, SSTV standard Robot 36. Sometimes the pictures have lines of spots on them. This is due to noise on the signal, between Mir and my station in England, a distance of over 200 miles.
The pictures are in pages attached in date order below.
Amateur radio contact with Jean-Pierre Haigneré and Mike Foale

My voice contact with Haigneré is attached as "sfjmir" below
Click on the page below to read my data contact with Mike Foale. A few years later I met him personally atthe National Space Centre, Leicester, and he recalled and acknowledged the valuable role Amateur radio had played  during the emergency on board Mir.

There is another page for the command/ commercial downlink.
Andy Thomas,
28 Jun 2009, 10:55