Cerveza y Tapas

In the province of Granada - when you buy a drink in a bar - you usually get a tapa - small plate of something to eat, free with it! This page outlines the culture of tapas -  what , where and when to get tapas - different cerveza (beer) you will find and other bebidas/refrescantes  (drinks/refreshments) you can find around the tapas bars in granada

Jamon serrano with bread - common tapa - GranadaTapas 

Granada, and its province, is (fairly) renown for its culture of free tapas (small snack) served will beers, wines, tinto de verano, etc. (NOTE - you will not get served tapas with spirits or after ordering food!)
This practice dates back to the 'Moorish' time where alcohol was less popular - food being served with the drink to lessen the harmful effects of alcohol intoxication - a practice i would like to see everywhere where drinks are served (and drunk to excess!!)




Top Tapas Tips:

- Most bars/restaraunts serve tapas regardless of how up/down market they may be,
- Cafeterias/Pastelerias/Pubs/Clubs usually don't,

- There are so many bars in granada it is not realistic to list the good ones - it in fact would be easier to list the bad ones as most serve good tapas, the area between Calle Elvira and Gran Vie de Colon - near Plaza Nueva is a good place to start,
- Tapas is served lunchtime - 12-4 and in the evening - 8-12, bars in more touristy areas may serve it all day,
- Don't ask - it nearly always will arrive a few mins. after you get your drink - if not - bad luck!
- Most bars will just serve a tapa of whatever is going that day, while other bars may offer a choice,
- The longer you stay i.e. the more drinks you stay for - the better the tapa gets with each round - well usually!
- Tapa means (literally -lid) a covering plate of a snack to be eaten with your drink,
- It makes no difference to the tapa you get if you order a caña
[pronounced - kan-ya] (275ml) or tubo (330ml) vino or whatever, but if you are in a group you may be limited to a couple of choices only(if a choice is offered),
- If you are planning to 'do tapas' before eating out - be warned - you will not have much of an apetite by the time you get to the restaurant!!
- To find the best tapas - look further afield, often in small local bars throughout the province, you will be served with tapas that many would consider a main course in a restaraunt!

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Salud - Enjoy!