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    Well - you gotta have a blog - haven't you? - Even it you never write anything in it! (I think they used to be called diarys) 

Blog! I don't want to read this! get me away from this boring rubbish!

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June 06

Here goes!

Very late 60's

 Preface (i.e. a somewhat shortened and fact-light intro!): 

    I arrive into this world without warning - and before you know it (read 36 years later )- i find myself in a strange techology based 'virtual life' - avoiding contact with other beings of the same species - and only going out under cover of darkness...but wait..there's more!

2006 - first quarter

April 3rd - This site is born - not very long after my new nephew Oscar is born - March 30th - welcome Oscar - and congrats to mum & dad - job well done!

April 14th - Finally get flashy looking composite manager working - oooh! Translucent windows - check it!

April 15th - D/L  latest SimplyMEPIS 6.0 alpha - the Ubuntu sourced Mepis - its good! Went out (under cover of darkness) to celebrate. 

April 16th - Return at 9.30am - celebration is done! {long sleep} Wake up  -time for more geek stuff - try out XGL and Compiz on the new Mepis install - if this works - it will turn my desktop into some sort of visual rollercoaster!

Bloody hell! It works - and its good! Clicky 

April 17th - You'd be forgiven for thinking that living in Spain means all day sunbathing and lounging around drinking cerveza in the sun - and you'd not be completely wrong - but not today! Cloudy, cool - looks like rain! -Does this mean more messing around with my computer all day...again??! Maybe not...

April 26th - Busy lately attempting to manage data overload/hard drive cock-up's and fiestas - heady mix!! I fear loss of ~18gig music/film is irreversable - oh well - that'll save on the blank CD cost!

Finally find out that the camera ordered from is to be dispached imminently (hummm...) - this is three weeks after ordering what was currently in stock and ready for dispatch within 1-2 days. Don't think they have really got a good grasp of how to do internet buisness - you can't even pay for it on-line, you have to either pay at a bank or pay the delivery man cash (plus small premium). If this had been - i would have already done 100mb of photo's by now..! [/rant]

April 28th - What! -More rain!! Err - thats s'posed to be good in an arid area - but i wanted to go out on the mtb! Bah - more trying to work out why its so hard to multi boot with grub, different distros installed in an extended partition, why my data drive became 'dissapeared' and only TestDisk could recover it (while numerous other 'renowned' apps failed blindly)

My my ! Isn't young Oscar growing a cheeky little face! He seems to be enjoying rubbing his gums!


April 30th - Día de la Morcilla in Canillas del Acetuno - nipped off for a bit of traditional 'fiesta del campo' - i.e. massive piss-up and face stuffing festival which involves 100's of litres+ of  'vino tereno' - country wine (22%+ alcohol!!) and loads of grilled morcilla (black pudding) to the backing of bearded old DJ's and musicians playing reggaeton and hits from the 80's - and all for free!! (well for a few optional raffle tickets - to win - more vino!). The town itself is perched up a mountain ridge with superb views and beutiful houses - each different..

Morcilla - chuck some on the barbie and pop open a bottle of coutry wine - gurt lush!

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