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Garden Railway

The Porthcastell and Brynarian Light railway was actually my wife Joanne's idea!

Her choice was to base the whole setup on a Welsh slate railway during WWII.

The route skirts the garden with the pond becoming the small harbour of Porthcastell. The railways primary function will be the transportation of slate from Brynarian Quarry to the harbour. The railway will also run a limited passenger service for the benefit of the local community.
It is progressing rather too slowly!

Porthcastell Harbour begins to take shape. A mild weekend meant I could get out and pour the concrete for the harbour area. The harbour wall with it's stone effect face had been cast and set in place before Christmas. I'm going to use the concrete slab to store materials while I clear and then construct the next section.(28th January 2015).



At last - track laying gets underway!

Left - Devils cutting with track laid in possition and waiting to be fastened down. (16th May 2014).



At last - track laying gets underway!

Left - Shed side gets some long awaited track! (16th May 2014).




At last - track laying gets underway!

Left - The Long climb maturing nicely! (16th May 2014).




M4 Sherman recreates a scene from the movie "Kelly's Heroes". (3rd November 2012).



Posing for a photograph. (3rd November 2012).



British Home Guard drive out to inspect US armour. (3rd November 2012).



Joanne's garden railway

A tour of the route and work completed.

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A close up of the test train below Castle Cragg. (9th September 2012).



My Accucraft Excelsior brings one of the short Gloucester cariages down from the harbour. Unfortunately the track and rolling stock are only in situ while I check the loading guage through what will eventually be Castle Cragg Tunnel. (9th September 2012).

Joanne in the workshop turning the dome for her steam engine Denis. Please don't be alarmed she isn't using the lathe with her eyes closed, flash photos have that effect.
15th October 2011




Corporal Jones visits the cragg, with my Accucraft Excelsior in the background (Late summer 2010).




The decking waits for it's ballustrade (Late summer 2010).





Work progresses on the decking (summer 2010).





Pegging out the long climb (summer 2010).
Me shuttering a concrete enbackment and bridge abutments (summer 2010).
Pike and Corporal Jones pose with the railway company's pickup and one of the short Gloucester cariages. (Autumn 2009).