(welcome also, curious visitors)  

I'm Andy, and you're very welcome here!  
'Here' is my ePortfolio, birthed out of my ETEC424 class (with the wonderful Jasna Aliefendic!), en route to my destination of sharing a love for & promoting the skills of mathematics, through teaching. 
You are most welcome to read my personal intro to me - you will find it in my blogs.  (For a fun snippet-version there is also the glog)
Here I won't hold you up too much, just to explain that throughout this site are the various works and projects conducted through the class - much of it first-time current-tech experience for me I'm sad to say - and if I may say, some of it is pretty informative, valuable stuff!  There have been researches and lectures that have proved fascinating along the way.  Look around and see what you can find. 
Beyond that I'd like to thank you wonderful folks for welcoming me to your shores, leading me in my journey to teach, and sharing your fabulous Texan sunshine with me.  It should be unseasonal I guess, to use terms such as 'warmth', and 'heat', this being December now, but trust me - to a Brit (yes - spot the flag on the shirt above) and certainly in your strong sun, upper-60s temperatures are amazing, and lower-50s feel still lovely. 
Feel free to search around.  I have enjoyed learning about all within. 
And that learning extended to this very home site - I can barely believe I finally figured it out (such as it can be said that I have!). 


At left -  meet Cali (I believe you can guess which one she is...I had never heard of the word/colour 'calico' til I came to your shores), and her late & mourned brother, Socks.  

Below, the 'landsharks' - Mimi and her daughter Sassi. Believe me, don't let their miniscule size (Sass curls in a ball in the cup of your hands) mislead you.  They are fiercely devoted to, and protective over, the last but VERY not least introduction here. 

Meet my Janice.  Without her my life here would be so very different. would in fact not BE here.  Thank you Janice.  xo