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Contact Info:
PH: 503 901 3022
I will work with you on your images and make sure to get what you need. Shoots are relaxing and productive. Please contact me with your questions.

Bio: I got started in Photography at a very early age. My Parents saw my love for being behind their antique cameras and would give me a chance on weekends and family vacations to be the photographer of the day. I couldn't wait to get the pictures printed and put up on my wall. My bedroom wall - not the internet. The world of photograpy has changed.
I have taken classes and read and studied great photographers and lighting. I studied videography and shot and produced biographies. I have been involved in shooting T.V. Pilots with Portland area producers on both sports and humanities and for one of Portlands prestigious Casting Directors.
I look forward to putting my experience into getting great shots of my clients and capturing the art and beauty in your look, art, business or project.